Solution for oily skin?

Has anyone found the answer to dealing with oily skin? I use oil-free moisturiser and foundation and powder, yet my skin is horribly oily very very quickly. I've tried not using moisturiser, but my foundation does not sit properly without, and furthermore, it makes no difference to the oiliness.

I've tried L'oreal Anti-regreasing moisturiser. It got good reviews on MUA, but does nothing for me. I feel like my skin has gone beyond just 'oily' to totally ridiculous.

Any ideas?
You might want to consider androgen-free BC pills like Yasmin and Yaz. They can decrease acne, and the associated oiliness, by decreasing the concentration of androgens (so-called "male" hormones) in your body.

That said, Clean and Clear blotting sheets are nifty. Also, while some people with oily skin swear by moisturizer, it does not reduce oil production in everyone. You might find that your skin is a little less oily if you stop using it except when necessary. See this thread on primers and mattifying gels:
You might want to consider androgen-free BC pills like Yasmin and Yaz. They can decrease acne, and the associated oiliness, by decreasing the concentration of androgens (so-called "male" hormones) in your body.

That said, Clean and Clear blotting sheets are nifty.
Originally Posted by Eilonwy
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm just a bit wary of bc pills. I've tried a few other bc pills and they made me feel depressed and affected my weight.

Surprisingly, I don't suffer from acne like I used to. I do get a few pimples and blemishes and still have some redness round my nose and on my chin, but it's not half as bad as it was.

I think I will get some Clean and Clear blotting sheets. I'd just like a solution that means my skin doesn't get oily to start with. I'm finding it to be embarassing.
well for me i have oily skin but i mainly focus on keeping my skin clear first and foremost. after that i try to address any hyperpigmentation. if all that is under control i focus on oil control.

i have been using mac studio fix foundation. i used to be anti-foundation because i thought it clogged pores but it really helped me feel better about my skin and surprisingly i think myh skin has gotten better since wearing foundation (maybe i'm cleaning better to get it off, maybe i'm keeping my hands out of my face better). anyway my skin WILL get oily with foundation but i just blot with a tissue or clean & clear pads. i dust with blot powder and my skin is pretty okay. i can deal with it. you can't change genetics and i'm not willing to do bc pills or accutane to change my skin type.

two other things i think help my skin a lot are supplements and lots of water/green tea/anti-oxidant rich stuff (for me red wine and a bit of very dark chocolate daily). i take an omega 3 complex and i think it really helps my skin. i also take msm and biotin for hair growth. i don't know if they really work but i feel good taking them and they certainly aren't hurting me. as for the water/greent tea, etc i try to flush my system so the sticky gooky stuff doesn't adhere to my pores and i think it helps my skin look better.

in another thread someone asked a skin question...someone mentioned a book called the skin type solution. i recommend that book to you also, i read it and came up with my true skin type (which included oily) and there's good info to help you know how to properly treat your oily skin, especially if it's also sensitive skin, etc.

good luck to you! i know your pain!!!!
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I'm a grease ball too (just my face). It's so frustrating. I use the blotter sheets constantly.

I tried the whole washing/moisturizing your face with oil, and it truly DID help, but it caused red blotches on my face, blotches or blotches or oil........ I picked the oily skin : (

I'm still searching for a solution.

If you weren't around for the oil method, I'm sure you could do a search. I believe it was called OCM (Oil Control Method).

Also, I saw someone brought up the ACV on the face again. I do remember that actually drying out my skin!
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OCM (Oil Control Method)
Originally Posted by 2happy
It actually stand for "oil cleansing method." Just mentioning that so it's easier to google.
I, too, love the Clean & Clear blotting tissues!

I've also had really good luck with Murad. I prefer not to use benzoyl peroxide, and Murad products contain salicylic acid, Retinol, and glycolic acid (which further necessitate the use of a good sunscreen, BTW).

I tried the Murad Acne Complex Starter Kit (Clarifying Cleanser, Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, Acne Spot Treatment, and Skin Perfecting Lotion) from Sephora for $35.

I'm not good at following a regimented skincare routine (especially at night, 'cause, well, I'm lazy), but even using these products on a less-than-regular basis has made a huge difference in my skin (I keep pledging to myself that I'll be more consistent...*sigh*).

On a good day, I'll use the cleanser, exfoliating gel, and lotion at night. I use the cleanser, gel, and Murad's Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 (great stuff - as with all of the other products, a little goes a long way) in the morning.

The spot treatment is also good, but I've found that the other products normalize my skin and are generally enough to keep blemishes under control on their own. And when I get the monthly pimple that comes along when Aunt Flo visits, the spot treatment seems to speed up the healing process.

I liked the results so much that I bought the Acne Complex Kit, which contains bigger sizes of the products found in the starter kit ($60 at Sephora).
Thanks everyone. I'll look at the oil cleansing method and I read on this site that mineral make up can be good, so I'll look into that too.

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