Flaky nose?

I have trouble from time to time with very flaky skin on my nose. I have combination skin, with minor breakouts occasionally on my chin or nose and blackheads on my nose. I use a light moisturizer with sunscreen everyday.

I've been reading some of the posts about water only washing or OCM and milder cleansers. Just wondered if anyone else has this problem and what you've found helpful. TIA!
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You can't moisturize away flakes. You need to exfoliate them.
I have found that the cheapset and most effective method for me is to add a little baking soda (right from the box!) to my soap/cleanser.
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Thanks, guys! The problem is that my nose is so exfoliated that it feels tender, and it still flakes.

My scalp quit flaking when I switched to a sulfate-free poo and CO washing, so I'm thinking maybe my nose is sensitive to something I'm using on my face. I've finally gotten a good routine going with my hair, so I guess it's time for experimenting on my face...
Life with Lydia

I have the same problem, complete with blackheads and oiliness combined with the nose flakiness. For me exfoliating does help, but definitely not with scrubs! I've learned they're all just too rough for facial skin, even the ones supposedly for your face, and they really exacerbate the tenderness there around the nose. Then as it heals from the irritation the scrub caused, the skin that was too roughed up starts to dry up and flake off even more to (patchily) reveal new skin. Ugh.

Acid exfoliating masks do a much better job of what I need them to on my face. The Gentle Cream Exfoliant by Dermalogica is hands down the best one I've found, it really does a great job getting rid of all the flakes without tearing up my tender skin. It does feel a bit tingly when you put it on, but I've never experienced the kind of irritation like from a scrub. Definitely worth the money as far as I'm concerned!


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