October BPAL Babble

Anybody still around?


Ok, I know it's about a week too early for an October BPAL thread (maybe they shouldn't be separated anymore?), but September is mostly gone anyway and I'm excited that I just got an email that my first decant cirle has just shipped. And frankly it couldn't come at a better time for me - I've had a truly crappy week. A condo I wanted to buy fell through, a boy I thought liked me is now ignoring me, I got scalped by a new stylist, blah, blah, blah...

So the Haunted House is on its way to me as we speak - want to squee with me?
Hey, there! Sorry you've been going through all that *****---condo thing sucks, boy thing sucks...I read about your hair, um, adventure-sucks, too, but your pics are awesome anyway! Hope you're getting used to it...I just got my 'weenie order last week. I just love PP#5, and #3 is pretty darn nice, too. But Perilous Parlor is phenomenal-just gorgeous....I also got Samhain-like it alot, but I think this is a good one for aging, and All Souls-foody incense, mmmmmmmm. Can't wait for your Haunted House review. And I'm in a LJ decant circle so I can try the ones I wasn't sure of...I'm afraid for the update tonight. I was considering another Magical Omaha Arcana order, but the $$$$ just ain't there (spent too much at CurlMart Labor Day and Fall sales...)DH did get the cargo pilot job, but that's a major pay cut, not to mention flying overnight through Florida thunderstorms--worse than driving a truck...anyway, this keeps me having to be the stable, employed, insured one...hate being so responsible sometimes...
Hope everyone else is doing well....anyone else that may be lurking around....gotta go do some crunches and sniff pumpkins
Just tried Beaver Moon 2007. It started as cherry cough syrup, then quickly became shea butter. Finally it is strawberry ice cream/gelato.

It's okay and since I have the bottle I'll continue wearing. However, if I had a decant I don't think I would have moved toward a full purchase.

I went way overboard with my BPAL purchases in the last few weeks. I actually forgot how many orders I had.
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Poo: Still on the lookout!
CoWash: Also need a good one. Recently restarted this.
RO Conditioner: EMB but looking for something with more detangling power
Style: CJCCCC, HESMU spray gel
Hola!! It's been a while since this thread's been bumped! I ordered Beaver Moon (BM?!) & Pirate Moon-- still waiting for my CNS. I LOVE the original BM so I was a-scared not to order this one. Crap. Hopefully this one will work.

I ordered one of each of the Halloweenies & the Inquisition. Out of all of it, I like NONE! Well, maybe the Ghastly Garden. Not enough to buy a bottle though. While they were fun, I'll never do that again. Yeah right. Just got in on circle for all 23 of the yules. I have SO much to swap/sell it's not even funny.

Hopefully now that the summer's done we'll all be back here. I miss you guys!!
3a/b mix
Bumping, 'cause I miss all you guys too...
y'all are bad...

i have been trying to avoid being tempted by anything BPAL and now i've seen the holiday stuff and ....

I WANT!!!!


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