Belated Thanks to Rou, and 1st trip to MAC Counter

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your color suggestions, and I found out that a Macys in a mall not too far away had I took my extremely expired Macys gift card that the rep on the phone told me to throw away (I know, I just am not much of a shopper...)and brought it into the store where they reactivated it then and there So, I ended up getting the VivaGlam warm pallette, an additional Viva Glam VI lipstick, and a lipstick in Chili. The V & VI look very similar to me, the VI being a bit more brown and darker. I think both are perfect neutrals for me. And I've been wearing the Chili 3 days in a row now-love it! The best part was only paying about $5 out of pocket! I was looking at the newer matte lipsticks-forget the actual name-I wonder how they compare to the regular? Maybe next time...Thanks again, Rou
you're very welcome, m'dear. those are Mattene lipsticks, but i'm addicted to my lustres and frosts so i don't have any of them.

i know what you mean about VG 5 and 6 - i find i wear 5 more often. i also have an old LE called Entwined that's quite similar to them and the Paulina Rubio lippie which is a pinker version.

i'm SO daring in my colour choices!!!!

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