Help for older skin and breakouts

Redcat, I'm considering ordering some samples from that website you posted but I see that the cleansers have coconut oil in them. Is coconut oil ok to use on acne prone skin? The thought of putting oil on my pimple prone skin kind of scares me.

I understand your concern, and coconut oil is high on the comedogenic scale so it's not usually suitable for breakout-prone skin. However, this product is a castille, meaning the coconut oil has been saponified and no longer carries the properties of the oil, but rather has become a soap. Soap isn't generally suitable for break-out prone skin either (or any facial skin for that matter), but this soap has had it's pH brought down with citruc acid, making it safe for the skin and skin barrier.
Once again, thanks for all the great info ladies. Wild hair that list is great. I've already got it bookmarked .
Redcat, thanks for clearing that up for me. I have an olive oil soap that says it's saponified and I wasn't sure what that meant.
Looks like I definitely have a lot of reading and research to do but hopefully it will help me make some smarter decisions because the stuff I'm using now is just tearing apart my poor skin.
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Yeah, it's an invaluable resource. Glad you like it!
I use Paula's Choice as well. Her products are very effective, yet nonirritating. I have oily, acne prone skin and many cleansers would leave me with dry patches or tight skin. I don't experience that with her products and my skin is clearer than it has been in years. I am a big fan of her BHA liquid. I just purchased the carbon mask and some AHA as well, but I haven't started using them yet. I also use baking soda a couple of times per week with my cleanser for extra exfoliation.
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