for anyone who struggles with acne

go to www. and do what the man says!! I've always had moderate cystic acne (youch) and I've been on Dan Kern's "Regimen" for 6 weeks now and it actually cleared up my skin. I would suggest buying his brand of benzoyl peroxide, its much better than Neutrogena. It did take my skin a while to get used to it (4 weeks...ugh) and my skin was red and flaky all that time, but it was definitely worth it.

Just thought I'd share
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Benzoyl peroxide is SO rough on the skin...most people can't keep up a routine like that without extreme irritation.

Please be sure to use a non-detergent pH balanced cleanser along with that routine, or your skin barrier will be all torn up.
I've fallen in love with the Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil line for oily/blemished skin. They have a sampler set that you can try for I think less than $20.
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I have been on the Regimen for a while now, too, and I can't believe the results! I can definitely tell that my face looks worse whenever I go through a phase of forgetting to wash my face. The benzoyl peroxide has not torn up my skin at all...the only thing its done is dry out and clear up my acne. The fact that the regiment encourages you to use such a small, gentle concentration of benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) is the reason that his routine is so successful.

I highly recommend it, too!!
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