What is wrong with Cold cream?

I love cold cream because I can't stand anything in my face that makes it feel dried out after washing. Every product that I have tried except for maybe Oil of Olay sensitive skin wash makes my facial skin feel like its being pulled out of my face.
I also love how it gets rid of eye make up. Nothing does the trick quite like it.
My face does have red blotches that get worse with stress. So I am thinking maybe cold cream isn't the answer.
I really don't know what else to use that won't dry my skin out.
I know the ingredients are considered "bad" - mineral oil and beeswax, ceresin.
Some people do great with traditional cold creams...usually those with very dry skin who are not acne prone. The rest of us get clogged pores beyond belief from the waxes and oils and irritated from the detergents and emulsifiers.

I'm a fan of non-detergent, pH balanced cleansers. This one doesn't dry and doesn't cause skin irritation:

violets, if it works for you, what else matters?
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The moisturizing part, yes, works well.
Its the red blotches, that I want to get rid of.
I think they are on my face permanently.
cold cream isn't going to affect redness. do you know what's caused them? mine are broken capillaries from Canadian winters and blowing my nose a lot.
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Do you wear foundation?

I don't wash my face, and haven't in fifteen years. I don't wear foundation, though. My skin was always so dry, even using mild cleansers. I asked a friend of mine how her skin always looked so great, and what cleansing/toning products she used. She said, "I don't use any!" I tried it, and I've never gone back.

When I learned about going CG, it made total sense to me. If I don't use a detergent on my face, why would I use one on my head? I do, however, use moisturizer with an SPF during the day (Cetaphil) and a hydrating night cream before bed (Dove Pro Age.) I always had dry, blotchy skin growing up, and now I love my skin.

A great site to check out is www.cosmeticscop.com. I've learned sooo much from Paula! I have several of her products, and they are awesome. I exfoliate using one of them once a week.
2a/b. I love AOHR!
I use mineral makeup for foundation.

I don't know what causes the red blotches but I know they do get worse with stress.
mine gets worse with stress too - walking to work (up a steep incline), working out.

even eating spicy foods or drinking red wine.

sounds like you could have rosacea. i have it in a mild form.
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is soap free the same as non-detergent?
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it definitely sounds like you have rosacea.

I use a creamy face wash by Neutrogena, the anti-acne one. I have combination skin so other types of washes leave me with that tight skin feeling.

Check to make there's nothing in the cold cream that might worsen your rosacea and also see a derm to get product recs and what to avoid.
is soap free the same as non-detergent?
Originally Posted by luvmylocs

Nope. Soap-free generally means something is a detergent.

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