Allergic shiners?

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Does anyone have these? In light of my previous topic in this section, in addition to my skin I'm also horrified at the puffiness/dark circles around my eyes.

I compared pics taken today of myself w/my camera phone, and some taken around March/April of this past year (2007) and I look like a totally different person.

Strangely, I have been sneezing A LOT lately as if it's springtime pollen season, but without the itchy throat/itchy eyes. It's just very odd, especially since I can't think of any triggers--no new pets at home, etc.

I'm saving these pics in my phone to show my derm when I go next month. The sneezing/nasal stuffiness comes and goes but I find it EXTREMELY odd that I'm having these symptoms in the dead of winter with no obvious triggers. I have severe allergies but none to mold or foods. This is probably the first time in recorded history that I've ever shown allergy symptoms in the dead of winter.

If anyone has ever had allergic shiners, I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences.

Off to try some tea-bag treatments right now 'cause I look a hot mess.....
I've never had them myself but my 2 year old who has awful spring and indoor allergies does get them when his allergies start to act up. It's sad because he literally looks like he has a black eye! . They're usually worse right after he wakes up so I've find that elevating the head of his mattress helps a lot esp. with the puffiness.
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I would harbor a guess that you probably are allergic to dust. People that have allergy problems in the winter usually have this problem. It's mainly due to being stuck indoors most of the time and the filtration systems in furnaces are not necessarily checked and changed as often as they should be, so allergy sufferers still deal with symptoms in the dead of winter, myself included.
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Rosanna beat me to it. I'll bet on dust also. There is a lot of it in air ducts and I have found recently that it is not that expensive to have them cleaned...usually less than $100, which I thought was pretty good considering how much I spend on allergy meds.:/
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My son gets them. I always thought he was just overtired, but then I read that they could be from allergies. His eyes do not get puffy but he gets purple shiners. If I give him his allergy meds, they get better. He has had allergy testing (pin pricks when he was 3, almost 8 yrs ago). He is not allergic to dust (TG!) but many grasses and some tree pollens.

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