Mascara Rec's for Contact Lens Wearers?

Preferably waterproof, but I'm open to any drugstore or high-end suggestions that DO NOT FLAKE or irritate. I stopped wearing most eye make-up awhile ago since my eyes (not skin) always seemed to get irritated. Recently I started experimenting with mineral/pigment eyeshadow and eyeliner wet, and it really stays put, so I would like to be able to get a look complete with mascara, but that's comfortable, for lack of a better word. Any input is greatly appreciated!
Blinc Kiss Me Mascara!

It's actually a plastic, which forms around your eyelashes (in "tubes") so it has zero flakes. When I was trying to survive with gas permeables, it was the ONLY mascara I could use!
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Thanks for the rec, NetG. I looked it up, and found a site that has it for 20% off and free shipping. The only thing that bothers me is I have Philosophy's Supernatural Mascara that makes the exact same claims, but I still had trouble with it rubbing off and smudging little wrapped strands off (I can't help it, I'm an eye-toucher!) It's more than I usually spend, but I may give it a whirl. I also read some great reviews just now on Maybelline Soft and Full waterproof mascara, and I think a L'oreal one. There's a sport one from Clinique that looks to be highly recommended. Has anyone tried any of these, or has someone used both the Blinc and Philosophy to make a comparison? I'll probably end up ordering the one, and buying the Maybelline at the drug store. It's sad since I have relatively new Avon mascaras at home, too...
I haven't tried the Philosophy one, but I wholeheartedly second NetG's recommendation on the Kiss Me. I'm also a contact lens wearer and it is the ONLY mascara I've ever been able to use successfully.
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Imju Fiberwig is great. It doesnt flake on me at all. When I take it off at night, it still looks like it did when I put it on. I like it better than the Blinc Kiss Me, to be honest. Another great, drug store mascara is Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Lash. I bought it last night, and it stayed just as well as the Imju.
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When I was wearing contacts, I used the basic Clinique and loved it. I won't use waterproof mascaras as they are too hard on the lashes.
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