So i found out that aloe vera gel evens out skin tone, i made a mixture of aloe vera gel, water, and glycerine to spray on my hair nightly to moisturize, and it is marvelous. Do you think it will be safe to use that same mixture on my skin nightly? And then apply unrefined shea butte rin the morning?
i like aloe vera gel for a good natural moisturizer but i personally wouldn't do shea butter on my face. i think it could clog pores and for my acne skin i just wouldn't risk it. you could use aloe vera morning and night if it works for you.
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I do not like the feel of glycerine on my face, and shea butter would clog my pores like crazy, but natural aloe vera is lovely on the skin. That's my summer moisturizer.
Thank you ladies for the response. That is so interesting. Shea butter doesn't make my face greasy at all, it makes face face very soft and smooth, but then again i have dry skin. Okay about my mixture, the glycerine i put in there is very small, it was just to attract more moisture to my hair. I am going to go ahead and spray the mixture on my skin and then see how it goes.I am not worried since there are no bad ingredients in there. Keep the responses coming.
I use pure shea butter under my regular face moisturizer and it works great for my skin. I have very dry skin and so it helps me a lot. I haven't tried the aloe vera with it. Please let me know how that works. That could be a good midday spray when my face is drying out.
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Use suave naturals to wash hair daily.
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