HELP! i have flakey skin on my face!

what do it do my face is getting peely. and flaky. I use proactive but nothing helps. DO i need to exfoliate?
Yes. You cannot moisturize flaking skin. You must remove it. Try just a washcloth. You might want to try adding some salicylic acid to your routine, which is a way of chemically exfoliating.
thank you so much!!! i will try!

if there are any homemade exfoliates please post them!!
just use a rough wash cloth, as RCW recommended. if you REALLY need something else, a paste made with gentle skin cleanser and baking soda will also work.
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Baking soda is a great exfoliant for the body as well.

Using a soft cloth, rub it on your pre-cleansed face in a circular motion. Rinse and moisturize...
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My dermatologist once recommended that I use Cetaphil moisturizing cream when I use drying products (which, like Proactiv, was a benzoyl peroxide product). I was a bit skeptical to use anything with the word "cream" in its title on my face, but I'm very happy I did (it is non-comedogenic). That was years ago, and I still use it when I get flaky patches I can't get rid of. The flakes are usually gone within a day or two.

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