Ok, my feet are horrible. I have calluses and bad cuticles and dry skin everywhere. What can I do to get them looking good?

I normally don't even look at them until summer, but we are going to Florida this year, so they need to be addressed NOW.
Minneapolis, MN

sooooo relaxing!!!

and i really like Avon's foot care line including the socks designed to get cream right into your skin!
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I second getting a ped. Afterwards, ask them what you can do to keep your feet looking great
I don't like pedicures. They are SUCH a temporary fix for the $60 it costs to get one.
Minneapolis, MN
I'm in your bad-feet club!! I use Miracle Foot Repair Cream (got a sample tube at Bed, Bath and Beyond) ... it's kinda greasy so I put it on before bed that way I can shower it off in the morning. It has menthol which is supposed to help rejuvenate tired, achy feet. It really helps with my horribly dry feet and callouses.

I also got a bubbling massaging foot spa thingy for christmas (what a nice boyf ) which helps too. I'm actually going to try putting a few drops of oil in it, jojoba or vitamin E. Perhaps I'll do that today, I love being lazy on the weekends

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I'm a big fan of the Olay Thermal pedicure scrub. It's great and it feels so nice to scrub your feet with it! Then I use a really heavy-duty moisturizer (something w/ lanolin or parafin) and slip on some white cotton socks overnight. Do that for a few nights in a row and you'll be amazed! Oh, and get a foot file, too! I don't like the callous scraper ones that look like lemon peelers (scary!), but the ones that are like giant emory boards work well for me.
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Originally Posted by rouquinne
Exactly. And the places I've been, they soak your feet in a tub for a while, they dry your feet, they rub on some lotion, then trim and polish your nails. There is very little buffing of the skin.
Minneapolis, MN

Originally Posted by rouquinne

Yeah, that's one thing I really don't like about the Twin Cities. Everywhere else I've lived mani/pedis are $25 and up. Here just a pedi costs $60.

Most everything else is here is cheaper, but that not that. I really don't get it.
wow! i pay $25 to $35 and get all the dry skin removed and a full leg and foot massage in addition to a polish change...
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You must be going to some expensive beauty parlor because everywhere I've gone is 20-30 dollars for a pedicure. Do you go to a regular nail salon? The kind you'd find in a strip mall or regular mall.
Anyways, I have started putting lotion on my feet every single day, and they gradually got more hydrated, along w/ my drinking more water.
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I like Miracle of Aloe Foot Repair too, and when I was in the process of recovering from really cracked and dry calluses, I used it every night for a week with cotton socks. Now that that's under control, I probably do the lotion/sock routine about twice a week.

If I run out of foot lotion, I use petroleum jelly and lotion with lactic acid.

I use a pumice stone every time I shower, even if it's just to rub my heels for 30 seconds. If I have time, I pumice after the shower, when my feet are dry, but still warm and soft. This seems to work best.

I admit to getting cheapy pedicures ($20) every now and then - but I'm always a little worried because of the various infections you can get from unclean instruments, foot baths etc. The place I go has an autoclave, but I do try to bring my own tools because I don't exactly see the autoclave in constant operation. BTW the high end places are not necessarily supposed to be much better in terms of cleanliness. Be careful out there, gals!
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