Is wheat germ cleanser the right ph?

suggests the ph of the wheat germ cleanser is 7-7.5. I thought the whole idea was to have the ph around 5 - 5.5
Is this product not correct?

This one, the rose hip has the correct ph
I have had great success with the WGO cleanser. There has been some controversy over what exactly the pH is of the product, and if it's as effective at neutral or if it needs to be acidic. Despite the controvery, I find it works very well, doesn't strip, and my skin is in great shape.

The Rose Hip Seed cleanser can be comedogenic for people who are acne-prone. I haven't used it for that reason.
I have the same issue with PSF's Gentle Cleansing Castile. I really love it, but the pH is between 7.0-7.3. So after I wash my face, I wait about 20 minutes before I apply any other products so that my skin can return to its natural pH of 5.0-5.5.
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Oh, I was going to say...
I dumped my Ponds cold cream for the wheat germ cleanser, the Emu oil and the Hyalorinic moisturizer.
My facial skin looked like it had rosacea before ( for years) and I could never use anything else because it made my skin desert dry. As it was it looked my skin was cracked around the cheeks.
Well, I've been using these 3 products for a little over a month and the redness has gone away, the cracking has healed and there are still some acne like bumps but going away slowly.
So I guess the ph doesn't matter, in my case. Its still a great improvement.

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