Whoa, nelly!

I hate when I find videos like this of someone completely attacking their skin and actually having good skin to show for it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTXXR5aZFEE&NR=1
Doing all that two or three times a week?!

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I thought her skin still looked fairly spotty. She'll never clear it up using stuff like that.
wtf?? that chick is crazy! Did you see the comments-- apparently she is inspiring people to follow her regimen!

I don't understand what motivated her to make all these awful videos to put online???
I can't believe I watched the whole thing. What posseses someone to make and even think about making a video on the how dos of cleaning your face....duh...too much time on her hands.
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She's so hard on her skin!! Why would you do that to yourself? Wouldn't it hurt? Plus, I don't think her harsh measures actually remove her eye makeup.
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Oh! That part where she used her palms to rub that face scrub into her skin made me cringe. She was kind of manic too, wasn't she?
"You don't want to overexfoliate. Too much of a good thing is bad, especially with your face."

Haha...my favorite line was "you don't have to use very much-- just the size a quarter"
I couldn't watch all of it. It made me hurt. The sister coming in cracked me up, though.
I couldn't watch all of it. It made me hurt. The sister coming in cracked me up, though.
Originally Posted by badgercurls
lol Yeah, she was hilarious - "Will they ask how you brush your teeth next?"

I also like how she warned against rubbing your face with the towel, to avoid getting wrinkles...I was surprised none of the comments pointed out that this isn't the only time it's logical to be gentle with your face.

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