scar on my arm

Hello, I have a big (around 15 cm) scar on my arm. When I was one and a half I poured boiling water on me and then i had to get skin transplant. Iím 16 now and the scar is really bothering me. Is there any way of removing it or at least making it less visible?
Speaking from experience, If you made your expectations clear to your surgeon prior to surgery and the result is significantly short of what was agreed upon, I would suggest seeking out a more qualified and experienced surgeon. Your result is HIGHLY dependent on the skill of your surgeon. I paid well over 10k for my revision procedure and I'm only in my twenties. The results have made my search and expenses to enlist the services of a highly capable surgeon well worth it. If it has only been 3 weeks since your rhinoplasty and you are this distressed about the results I would strongly suggest seeking out an abundantly qualified surgeon for what will hopefully be your second and last procedure.
With that said there will be minor swelling that persists for many months after the procedure. However, if there is an obvious feature that still persists a month after surgery, no amount of time is going to significantly change it. The only way to remedy it is in the hands of a capable surgeon.
Finally, you will know an abundantly skilled surgeon when you come across one. You will be impressed by the large number of positive and aesthetically pleasing photographs detailed on their website or in their office. You will also be impressed by the depth and breadth of their knowledge regarding revision and primary rhinoplasty. There are a few surgeons out their on the net that have extensive websites devoted to sharing their knowledge of the art of science of nose job surgery. There are a few surgeons like Dr.Rivkin that intimately detail the steps to achieve various goals in rhinoplasty, both by showing examples of how it was done wrong and how it was done right. If you come across a surgeon with this level of skill the chances for a good result, as long as you express your expectations clearly to them, are really quite high.
sophia, ignore the person who obviously didn't read your post...

there are bandage-like materials that you can put on scars to reduce their appearance. Rejuveness is the first one, there are others that are cheaper now...
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Does this really work? I want a non-surgical way to remove a 20 year old scar on my chin. I have bought over-the-counter solutions that don't lessen the appearence of the scar. What are additional options?
oh YES - it really does work!

i had a large keloid scar on my abdomen and Rejuveness flattened it completely.
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