mineral makeup finally got the trick

Ok, I complained when I got it that it didn't look right. After, a couple of weeks using it I really like it. I don't however like to use the warmth. It makes my skin look orange. Even if I use a little bit. I looks really natural. I had a big zit this week and you couldn't even tell when I covered it up. Usually, with other stuff it cakes on the the zit. This just stayed all day without cake look. It is the right color for me. You guys were right to hang in there and keep trying it. Thanks
That is great news! I love BE but have also given up on Warmth. I use Clinique's Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Posy. It's very subtle.

I also love that I don't have to reapply during the day. I always had to cover up some blemishes in the afternoon. The mineral make-up stays all day and doesn't come off on my clothes.

I'm happy it worked out for you!

(I sound like a commercial, LOL)
There is definitely a learning curve with mineral makeup. Those who stick with it are richly rewarded.

I don't tend to like any all-over or bronzing-type products. I have enough color in my skin that foundation and a wee bit of blush are plenty of color.
Good for you! I know what you mean about Warmth. I went to BE to have make over there and the girl used Warmth. I hated how it looked. Thankfully, a kind curly on this board whose name escapes me told me to get Clear Radiance instead. She was right, it was perfect for my fair skin. And it worked out since they don't sell Fair in a kit, I wasn't wasting my money on something I was never going to use!

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