Does everyone have this problem with their lips?

My lips..... well, they constantly peel. I use a chapstick atleast once a day, but usually more than that. It's only about once every 1-2 weeks that I wake up in the morning and my lips look and feel great. The next day, it's more of the peeling. Does everyone have this problem? What do you do about this?
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Do you use actual Chapstick brand chapstick, or just some kind of lip balm?

Not that it matters, I'd consider switching balms if I were you. The only time my lips have anything like that is when I have a cold and I've been blowing my nose too much. I use either Neutrogena lip balm or Trader Joe's Lip Balm Virtuoso.
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No, I really don't. The only time I ever had peeling lips was when I was on Accutane. Even in the winter, I rarely get chapped.

Are you a lip chewer or licker?
I'm neither a lip chewer or licker....and my skin is normal without being particularly dry but my lips constantly peel and always have. I find that most lip balms actually make my lips worse and anything with color definitely makes my lips worse. The thing that helps is to keep my lips exfoliated. I make sure to use my fingers to gently roll off any loose skin at night and in the morning and even run my new clarisonic brush over them. I use burts bees honey lip balm pretty often and am constantly trying others but I can't say that I've found my holy grail yet.

I had this problem as well and come to find out I wasn't drinking enough H2O.

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I usually use chapstick brand chapstick, or carmex. I'm not a lip chewer or sucker.
Thanks for the responses! I'll try more water and exfoliating.
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some people do find Carmex to be drying because it has menthol in it. quit the Carmex and see what happens.
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I have this problem, the best things are:

1- bepanthen
2- aquaphor
I would try a non-petrolatum based lip balm like Trader Joe's Lip Balm Virtuoso, Burt's Bees, or Karite lip balm.
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I had this problem as well and come to find out I wasn't drinking enough H2O.
Originally Posted by Auburn Sunset
Well that makes sense, because my lips are dry and peeling all the time and I suck at drinking water.
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I actually drink lots of water and still have peeling lips but I agree with the suggestion to avoid Carmex and other balms with menthol and eucalyptus.

drinking lots of water to hydrate your skin or lips is a myth. it is a good idea to be hydrated in general, but drinking more water to improve the condition of your skin/lips is a fallacy.
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Forcing water drinking because supposedly half the population is walking around dehydrated is a myth also. Our bodies have evolved to tell us to drink by making us thirsty. If we drink to satisfy our thirst, then we are well-hydrated. Anything more just comes out as extra pee.
If you have nasal allergies and breathe through your mouth a lot, that'll cause dry, chapped lips. I use aquaphor....
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Never thought to use aquaphor, but I'll give it a try. Not really sure what bepanthen is though...
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I can't use anything on my lips but vaseline. Not even chapstick. I'm allergic to menthol (usually in carmex and/or blistex), peppermint oil (burts bees) and flavorings (In all the them).

I am a lip biter, chewer and licker, so that's part of my problemo, too.

Try the Aquaphor at night.

After years and years of trying several brands of lipstick, I figured out I am allergic to the red dyes in them! I think if you stay away from anything with any kind of scent you should be ok.
I've had this problem for years and nothing really helps. I use vaseline and they feel better, but it doesn't really help the peeling. One of the drawbacks is that my lipstick starts to look like crap about a half hour after I put it on.
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I can certainly empathize with everybody....I personally hated Aquaphor but it just goes to show that everybody responds to things differently.

Does your chapstick have camphor in it by any chance? I used a chapstick once (carmex i think?) and my lips got addicted to it and would turn chapped after just two hours of putting it on. I heard from someone that camphor is addictive and just makes your lips worse, so I stopped using it, and voila! Don't know if it was a coincidence or not though...
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