Fig scents, need opinions

I recently fell completely in love with Philosykos by Diptyque ...

But unfortunately it has lasting power of nada on me, so I was looking for a lotion to layer, but Diptyque doesn't make one .

I was looking at Wild Fig & Cassis both by Jo Malone, and The Thymes (is it a knockoff of the Jo Malone, or something of its own?).

Both make lotions, and I am wondering both whether the lotions might be good to layer with the Philosykos, or what the scents themselves are like in comparison to it (in particular the Jo Malone when it comes to the latter).

I got a little sample vial of L'Artisan's Primier Figuer, and couldn't stomach it at all.

Anyone with any experience with these scents?

Thanks in advance!

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Mayim, did you get any responses?

I have not tried this scent myself, but Bathed and Infused sells products in a scent called "Fig Leaf," which is supposed to be a dupe of Philosykos by Diptyque.

Even if their version is not spot-on, it might be close enough to help you layer your scent and make it last longer. They have body wash, lotion, fluff, etc., plus body sprays and roll-on perfumes. Their stuff is all highly-fragranced.
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A few in the other forum.

I went ahead and ordered the thymes fig & cassis lotion so I'll see how I like it.

This sounds like a good option too - thanks!

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg

I know it's been 11 years since this thread began I just sniffed the Wild Fig and Cassis JM fragrance on a friend and LOVED it. Then found out it was discontinued. I loved how grassy and woodsy yet slightly sweet it smelled. Any other dupes you'd recommend? that aren't discontinued and costing $200+ /bottle?
thank you!!

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