"Tanning" and African-American skin

Hi everyone! This might seem like an odd question, but here it goes.

I love my dark skin (I'm NW 45 or a tad lighter than Naomi Campbell's skin tone), but I'm afraid that I don't get enough sun on my chest so my face is about four shades darker compared to it. My body is about two shades darker....I'd rather NOT lighten my face, but I wear sunscreen regularly (I'm 23).

I was wondering if any of you had tried to tan a portion of your body to even out the skin tone... Or your opinions about it? I was thinking about going to a tanning salon and cover up my face and neck and have only my breast/chest area exposed.

I'm not looking to make it a regular thing (skin cancer is serious), but my skin is the type that gets darker with repeated sun exposure (I know some African-Americans don't darken, some burn --- never mind the skin tone).
i'm about your skintone (i think) i was nw43 in mac. anyway, what do you think about wearing tank tops or strapless dresses in the summer. i get browner in a nice healthy way in the summer just by wearing less clothing.
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I do that, but I don't think I do it enough since I'm still relatively light in that area at the end of the summer... Plus, if my chest is exposed, then chances are my face is too.

Despite the sunscreen, I think I tend to darken anyway.

If you look at my arms, for instance, there is a distinct line between skin exposed directly to the sunlight vs facing towards me/away from the sunlight. I probably should put sunscreen there, but I like the Vitamin D. Plus, I'm aiming for darker, hah
Maybe I should use tanning oil on that area? Hmmmm
why not use a bronzer to even things out?
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What kind of bronzer are you thinking?

My problem is that I don't like putting makeup on my chest since it tends to rub off my clothes :-/

Plus, the shades don't match up (there's a serious difference between my chest and face)
body makeup?
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can you post a photo? you can blank your face if you are uncomfortable. if i understood correctly, your chest is lighter than your face and lighter than the rest of your body? how did your body get darker without your chest getting darker?
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I always get this...it actually looks like I paint my face bronze because it's so tanned compared to my chest. This is what worked for me although you will look a tad creepy.

Go sunbathing at the pool, beach, backyard, whatever. Put a towel over your face so that it doesn't tan and take a nice nap! My husband tells me that I look psycho when I do this or like I am going to suffocate to death but it works pretty well.

Another thing that works is to start wearing a stronger sunscreen on my face...but you're right in that your face will always be more tanned since we expose it year round.
oddly enough, i have the opposite problem. my face is white (not white, but light) and my body is black! i dunno anything about nc nw thing so i cant compare. like my back and even my tummy are sooooo darrrkkk. oh and my feet are white too! it has nothing to do with tanning or what i wear when the sun hits me. it's just how i am. i just tell people i tanned my body but wore sun screen on my face... what else can i say!? i duno why im 2 toned!

getting too much sun is very dangerous tho. if you do decide to tan, just use a light spf (spf 5?) with uva and uvb protection for your body, and use like, spf 65 for your face. chances are your not going to get an evened out tan regardless... unless you air brush tan.

Oh, and don't stick out ur chest in the beach and apply tons on baby oil. i did this once (ok, like 4 times! ) and was as red as a freaking lobster. not cute nor comfortable. i was melting ice off myself for like, 3 days... then came the peeling...
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I suppose you can tan w/out sunblock on your chest area? Certain areas of my body are lighter too, chest, stomach. My limbs tan very quickly so they are darker and my face is much lighter than the rest of my body since I wear sunscreen on my face daily and the cleaning and exfoliating have something to do with that too. But I guess it doesn't bother me that I'm not all one shade. It doesn't look bad to me.

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