Has anyone tried Proactive???

Sara, if it's not too nosy what race or ethnicity are you? My research - yes, I am obessessed enough to do my preliminary Master's thesis on marketing beauty products to different types of women because we all have different issues.

Asian, Latina and Caribbean women tend to have problems with melasma like the spot I mentioned I have on my forehead. To get rid of something like that (hyperpigmentation or "multi-colored skin") you need to use a lotion with Hydroquinone and/or Retin A. I started a combination of both last night because HQ alone wasn't doing enough.

For the record, I'm a light skinned Latina (part Mexican/part Southern European) or WAS before I took up swimming.
Originally Posted by Confused Curly
Sorry. I missed something. Swimming did what to your skin? I'm curious 'cause I'm gonna take up swimming soon.

With me, I don't really get pimples, but I do really get very clogged pores, blackheads, oily skin. (It started when I hit my mid 20's)I went to the acne.org website and he claims that BP is the best. I'm gonna try to incorporate BP into my skin regimen.

I've always meant to go to the Paula's Choice website, but there is so much info, I wind up getting confused.
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i use proactiv and i have the same type of pimples u do where they arent red but more like tiny bumps under the skin that piss me off....ive been using proactiv for almost 2 years now and it makes the biggest difference in my skin however it is drying and i find in winter i use another face lotion on top of the 3 step (im using c.o. bigelow face lotion now for all skin types since the weather is changing)

i reccommend trying it, i got my boyfriend on it and his skin was really bad before, i swear he can be one of the people in the commercials with the super red break out skin to practically perfectly clear

good luck!
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I know this is a very old thread, but I wanted to add my 2 cents. I don't have bad skin at all. I rarely get an actual red bump breakout - probably a couple once a month. My skin is fairly clear, but usually uneven in texture, and I have really large, clogged pores on my nose and my chin.

I LOVED Proactiv for this. I think that, although I still got my usual once a month pimple, it completely cleared out my pores. My skin was much more even textured, and fresher/cleaner looking. I've been thinking about going back on it. It can be a little harsh and drying, so you could start maybe using it a couple times a week, and go from there to see what works best for you.

They now let you change the 3 step package you want shipped to you. For instance, I don't like the toner at all, but I love the cleanser and the repairing lotion - and the repairing lotion lasts forever for me, so if I ordered again, I'd probably order 2 bottles of the cleanser, and one of the lotion.

You will need to use a moisturizer over it. The repairing lotion is not a moisturizer.
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