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Has anyone tried the new Brush-on Cream Eye Liner by Clinique? I went to buy some a week ago in Black Honey (it's brown) and they didn't have it in stock. I called today and they still don't have any in stock. I really want to try this. I wear contacts and my eyeliner is gone by the end of the day, this new eyeliner is waterproof.

Has anyone tried it, do you like it?

I still haven't been able to get this. Has anyone had better luck than me in buying it? Do you like it?
I have tried this, its ok...
IMO, MACs fluidliner is much better.
I apply it with the MAC311 brush(lipliner) for a thinner line.
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Thanks for the reply. I'm happy I logged back on, I just put the last one they had on hold but I'm not sure I want to buy it now. I wish we had MAC here, I'm really tired of my eyeliner coming off when I wear my contacts.
I am wearing contacts too!
You can order MAC on or
It will last trough crying, a night out, comes in tons of shades too.
I use MAC cleansing oil to remove it.
When it dries on your skin, you can RUB your eyes & it doesnt come of!
The application is just a matter of habit, you can rest your elbow on a steady surface & look down in the mirror to relax the eye.

I"ve heard good things about Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, but its more expensive & basically the same as MACs.
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Thanks for the info! I'm going on the MAC website right now.
esmeralda - What didn't you like about the Clinique liner? I'm debating whether or not it would be worth the money for me to buy it. The one I currently use smudges really bad and comes off by the end of the day.
The Clinique liner is not BAD in any way, its just that I like MACs better...
IMO, the MAC color is more inkyblack & has a cuter packaging too..
Small things matter!

It will probably last for 1-2 years, theres so much product & you only use a teeny amount to line your eyes.
Let me know how you like it!!
2C/3A,jetblack indian curls
MAC has a wider colour range in the Fluidline too!

don't forget, you can get brushes at your local craft shop/art supply store for less than any beauty counter!
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bumping to see if anyone else has any more comments to add. I'm considering buying this stuff.

Also, has anyone ever tried the Paula's choice gel eyeliner or the Sephora brand of cream eyeliner?

I normally use a pencil, but want a change. I've tried a liquid eyeliner, but I just can't seem to make it work for me. I end up with the eyeliner liquid in my eyelashes, and these fat, wonky lines. The only part of my eye that I can do and look decent is my upper left eye.

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Almost a year later I finally bought this last night. I had it on last night and today is my first day. I wanted the Black Honey but they were out and I ended up with Deep Brown. (I still want Black Honey)! So far I really like it. It is so easy to apply. The big test for me is how well it stays on today.
I bought this on Tuesday (in Black Honey) and like it so far. It's definitely waterproof. It's relatively easy to apply. The color has a little sparkle to it which is okay but I kind of wish I'd gone with something just a little darker. I'm used to wearing a dark espresso brown. I think I would repurchase but just in a different color.

Before I used the Clinique Water-Resistant eyeliner for, like, 10 years and LOVED it. It had taken some time for me to get my technique down with that but, once I did, was pretty much addicted to it. I think the cream-liner is easier to work with but, again, I think I picked the wrong color. Oh well.
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The Deep Brown doesn't have any sparkle. I really wanted the Black Honey. She applied it on my eyes last night and I loved it! I needed an eyeliner so I bought the Deep Brown which I like. I just really wanted Black Honey.
The Black Honey is almost a pearly raisin color-- which I like a lot. I'm just used to seeing a really opaque dark brown line behind my lashes (which are blonde- and mascara alone doesn't really cut it.) I think if I wore eyeshadow for more definition + the Black Honey, I would really be into it. Oh well.
Mid-back length 3a, red.
Currently using: Joico, Redken, LA Looks Curl Look gel, BRHG.

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