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Hello, I just joined this site. I'm here to warn anyone interested in purchasing natural hair care products from Beauty 4 Ashes to steer clear and far away.

Over a month ago, I ordered this product from them, anxious to get my over-processed hair back to health. As mentioned on their site, it takes patience to await the product to be shipped to you since they have to make it fresh based on your hair type and etc.

Before I knew it, the product was being shipped 6 days after my order was placed and I was ready for the first day of the rest of my life. Then more than 2 weeks passed with no tracking number or word from B4A. Finally, I tried to contact them, first by phone since it seemed unreasonable to me for a shipped product coming from Houston, Texas to Northwest Indiana to take longer than 2 weeks to arrive. The phone service is automated and simply redirects you to the site to contact them via email (pointless having a 800 number if there's no operator or agent to even take the call). So I bulk and send the email. It can take them up to 3-4 business days to respond. So on the 4th day, I get word that my package was stolen before it got scanned to UPS. They had my $134 that entire time and finally discovered that my package was stolen? Anyhow, I got refunded.

So then I give them another shot to redeem themselves since it wasn't their fault the package was "allegedly" stolen. I reorder, but made a point in the comment box to see that this order was shipped and that I had a tracking number. I even went as far to mention that I had prayed for the order only to find that it didn't come prior to my reorder. They sent me an email back having reservations about taking my reorder and canceled it.

I was outraged. Especially to discover their reasoning of doing such. I quote you what they said taken from an email response to me:

"While we appreciate your willingness to try our products, we would never want you to contradict your Holy Spirit. Since you indicated that you prayed about repurchasing and God responded in the negative, you should obey His voice. We do not want to be held accountable or assist you in not obeying your Holy Spirit.

While we believe that God has made us available to help those that suffer from shame or condemnation regarding their flesh, or have obsessions over their flesh, we recognize our ministry is not for everyone, even every believer.

If God has affirmed to you not to reorder, we agree that you should not. We do apologize for your previous order being stolen at UPS. Several of our customers were affected and while we cannot control what other people do , especially those that are not our employees, we pray that you will forgive us for any responsibility you believe we should shoulder."

First of all, I never implied anywhere in my comments or emails to them that God didn't want for me to have this product. I told them that I didn't like how they handled my first order that I never received, and did question whether they were a legitimate company since they did behave like a scam company during my transaction. This organization uses Christianity to the nth degree as a marketing splendor and scapegoat when selling hair care products. They prey on Christians and many others to push a product that may or may not be of quality. I don't consider myself a religious person, and strongly believe that if they have any sense of you being a nonbeliever or simply agitated by their lack of customer service as I had, they will deny you service of their products. I think B4A is bogus and my entire experience up to this point gives me reason to believe so.

For natural hair care products, I wouldn't want to buy from them. I would've liked to had tried their products to know if it truly worked, but without the ministry or sermon and frustrations would've been preferred. A company like B4A needs to re-evaluate their mission. Are they going to charge for products that promote healthier hair or for their ministry and preachings that I'd rather receive from my local church?
It's not that I don't respect spirituality nor your bad experience with them, but my reaction to their phrasing was first incredulity, then laughter.

I'm so glad you were refunded. There's saner companies to do business with, I'm sure.
Padawan curly
i understand what you are saying. i am a christian and when i ordered there products i did not even know that they were christian. when my products arrived they had all of these prayers and christian cards inside of the box. This shocked me because i was not expecting anything besides a hair product and not christian preaching... so i tested them by filling out the prayer card that was in my box and mailed it off. I sent it in to them telling them about how i lost my job and was really stretching my budget to purchase beauty 4 ashes. I did have money to pay lights or rent and i barely had money for gas, but i just felt so ugly that i wanted to try something that might work. i expected that they might send me a card or an email. I waited two weeks no response. three weeks no response. I kept using my products and basically forgot about it. i checked the mailbox and it was a envelope from beauty 4 ashes address to me. they sent me a card letting me know that they were praying for me and an american express gift card with no amount listed. I was thankful and appreciated there kind words, but I would have preferred cash, hell i would have been thankful for $29.99 which is what i had paid for my scalp food cream. i checked the value of my card and it was for $500.00. Girl i went xxxxing crazy. i used it to pay my bills. i understand what you are saying but i would give them another try because everyone makes mistakes. i don't think they should have treated you like that, but i know that they are a real christian company.
I have never read a thread quite like this one!
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I have never read a thread quite like this one!
Originally Posted by Firefox7275
What's particularly curious is that the 2 curlies that ordered from this company (raven_m1 and EditheDiamonds) have a total of 3 posts between them, though they joined NC over 2 years ago!

Personally, I think that what EditheDiamonds did was reprehensible. Concocting a story about financial hardship and taking advantage of Beauty 4 Ashes' generosity?! I would NEVER have used that $500 gift card, knowing it was based on a lie. Not very "Christian" of her (and I say that as a non-Christian).
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