Hey all!

I have thick 3b curls and have only in the past few years come to accept and love them. I still have days when I want to shave my head but they are few and far between. I've been lurking for a while and many of your discussions have been helpful to me. I wanna say thanks and I'm looking forward to actually contributing to the discussion boards.
Welcome! I'm glad you have gotten alot of helpful info on here. I'm also glad you love your curls! I am still trying to love mine...LOL.

Have fun reading!
V05 Lime cowash/SN Pomegranite RO FSG and LOOB
I still use Tresemme Fine Mist hairspray for the side swept bangs...I can't live without it!
Curl Genie: Medium-fine texture, normal porosity, low elasticity, medium density

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