3B? HELP!!

Hi I am Brittany I'm a new user....I am biracial mixed with black and white I'm not quite sure if i would be a 3b hair type i'm not really sure? I am also looking for product to use on my hair that doesn't over dry or make my hair hard... I'm looking for a product that defines my curls, I normally use mane n tail on my hair and just leave in the conditioner...but its pretty much hit or miss with that method sometimes my hair looks great afterwards and sometimes it turns out crazy! Any suggestions?

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I have 3a/b hair and use tossle me softly spray gel from herbal essence sometimes. After you wash your hair let it dry about 50% then spray some all over your hair and leave it alone to air dry. If you don't have time for that do it at night, then put your hair in a high ponytail like samurai style. In the morning let it down and shake it out.
I have 3b 3c hair I get great deffinition with flax seed gel ( http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...did-twice.html) I love how moisturizing it is. It is cheap to make and very easy just read through the posts and youll get a good idea how many of us on here use it. I co-wash then put in the FSG then use Biotera gel then use a smige of Biosilk Rockhard Glee great definition and very soft!

by the way Welcome!
Armed with the Curl Analyzes!!!
texture: Fine
porosity: Normal
elasticity: Low

co:wash: V05 kiwi lime, CJDF
condish: TS avocado and aloe, GPV cond balm, Yes to carrots
leave in: KCNT
protein: CJ rehab
And yes I'm turning into a PJ
MopTop's products are all alcohol free. I suggest trying them.
Hair type 2c/3a
Silk pillowcase
t shirt for drying hair
Shampoo-DevaCurlNo Poo
Conditioner-DevaCurl One Condition and MopTop Leave-It-In Conditioner
Gel-Fuzzy Duck Anti-Frizz Gel
Spray-DevaCurl Set it Free, MopTop Detangler & Refresher
Second Day Hair Products-DevaCurl Set it Free, MopTop Detangler & Refresher


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