Newbie with limp curls!

Hey all!

So I just passed my one-week mark in CG and I love it. Curls are healthy and surprisingly shiny, and I'm enjoying seeing my hair get better every time. Problem--my curls are limp and don't have a lot of movement. I'm wary of protein treatments because I have pretty porous hair (I think!). It could be I just need a trim--right now I'm trying to rock a straight-haired cut on my new curls. Any thoughts? I need some bounce in my life!
I'm no expert but what if they are being weighed down from too much product or build up? Have you tried varying the amount of product or using a clarifying solution?
First forum in 10 years, so bare with me

Introduced to this curly world via DevaCurl Jan 2011. Trying to be open to new products

Curls: 3a, possible 3b. Med porosity.

Co-wash: DC No-Poo but just bought a bottle of Suave Tropical Coconut
Condition: OneConditioner
Styling: AnGel
Other: Rene Furtner Karite oil (It was 80% off )

Goals: Trying to conquer the clump. There are always this little noodle groups that dont want to behave.

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