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LadyLobo 05-26-2011 12:09 AM

My name is LadyLobo and i'm addicted to my curls
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Ok here goes...
Been a CurlyGirl all my life but I think I'm still working on what that really means to me. When I was small it meant running away from brushes and bad school pictures. Damn you 90s and the pyramid of frizz!!

Sometime in high school my mom and I started to find products that coaxed my hairs into legit curls. Just wish that had happened before a certain hair stylist scolded me for having such dry hair. (That same person was shocked that the red highlights he gave me came out firetruck red. Duuuuh dry curly hair = super open pores).

In college I lived on Tigi CurlsRock and flat irons. Whenever I had shorter hair my curls made me look very Curly Sue/Betty Boop but any length and the curls would collapse. And dont get me started on the effects of Northeastern humidity!

Now I live in lovely, dry Northern California and I found my hair-life partner in DevaCurl! :) The rate that I've gotten compliments is the highest ever. And to be honest I'd be bummed if that wasn't true. Because being introduced to this world has really upped the time I dedicate to my hair.

My old technique was double wash with shampoo for curly/dry hair, condition, turban for about 3 minutes, rake CurlsRock and walk out the door.
Now I: NoPoo (takes 5 min at least), OneCondition which involves like 15 of just raking it through my hair and getting out all the loose hair, then rake in some more till it "ribbons", lightly rinse, squeeze gently to induce curls, squeeze in AnGel, plop or squeeze out excess water with tshirt, walk to bedroom with head still upside down to diffuse for 20 min. I'm exhausted just typing that all out. Nevermind the weekly oil treatments.

Like I said I think its worth it and look forward to learning more from this community.

And yes I LOOOOVE Pink lipstick :)

And do you also think I'm 3a? A Sharpie probably fits within my curls but given the amount of hair that makes up the curl the whole thing is as thick as sidewalk chalk :/

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