Hi, from a former flat ironer learning to rock my natural 3a/3b :)

Hi, fellow curlies!

I am looking to learn more about how to care for my porous (from coloring/blowing out my hair to straighten it almost daily, yikes!) soft, ringlets. I am done beating my hair into straight submission, fighting the Southern humidity and summer rainy season! I'm Caucasian and have a family full of straight heads, so I've always wanted straight hair and have had plenty of help trying to get it that way--chemical relaxing and expensive blow flat irons have tried and failed to destroy my curl. Since my curls won't go away, I figure it's best to just go with 'em and learn to love them.

My main hair "issues" I've learned about after reading these boards are...
~porosity, from processing
~breakage of hair, at temples and all over (=halo of frizz!),
~flatness at my roots created by my long, heavy hair
~straight in the back/ringlets in front texture that never seems look consistently curly!

Hoping to find some answers without spending too much time on these boards, just because I have a lot of stuff going on IRL right now. Want to figure out these hair issues with the help of you ladies. Hoping to find a hair buddy to get product recs from. Thank you for reading!
Welcome! We're so glad to have you in our community.

You might want to post specific hair questions in one of the hair forums.
NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

You are beautiful!
I'm new too! I've been pretty successfully beating my hair into straight submission for pretty much my whole life, but I am just tired of all the work & time involved... I'm hoping that this site & all the users will inspire me to embrace my natural hair. I haven't even really decided to do it yet. Best wishes to you though! Your family sounds like mine!

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