Aveda trained stylist- new to NC.com

Hello All,
I'm Laurie, a Stylist in the Metro-Detroit area. I have been relaxer-free since 2006; since then my hair has been many lengths and colors. At the present time I have a TWA!! And Loving it. I am trained in the Aveda-Be Curly method of hair care. Please feel free to make an appointment, I love training my clients on home hair care and proper product usage. Best of all, a hair cut with me is only $40! All textures and lengths welcome.

Laurie Smith
Salon Spargo
32512 Northwestern Highway
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

(24 539-9460
Are you connected with any good curly stylist from the (973)
(201) (862) area of New Jersey....

I need to find a permeant stylist.

4give&4get life moves on with or without U!
I don't know of any, however if check the Aveda or the Deva websites along with NC salon finder you could be pointed in the right direction
Thanks for letting me know my phone number was not properly listed!! Lol its 248-539-9460
What is the Aveda Be curly method of hair care?
What is the Aveda Be curly method of hair care?
Originally Posted by muppetlover
Aveda's Be Curly line of products are formulated to expand and constrict as according to the moisture level of the hair, this allows for frizz control and the products are properly balanced for moisture and protien- therefore, the guess work is taken out of product options, it works for everyone.

Aveda also has special cutting and texturizing techniques that promote curl formation and contol the overall shape the hair cut creates. this means no more triangle points on the head.

And because its aveda, its 100% plant based, organic, and produced using alternative energy, so not only does it look good, it feels good

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