okay i'm 16 and i stupidly bleached my curly hair i used to be about a 3c but now my curls have gone and its just frizzy waves how do i get my curls back? please help me! plus i'm new to this site and don't really know how to work it that well haha.
You need to start with a protein treatment to get your hair healthy. These are the ones that come to mind.
1. Joico K-Pac
2. Aphogee two step protein
3. Curl Junkie Repair me

The first two you can get on ground. They work ok but i don't like them because they have mineral oil in them. The curl junkie one you have to order online but it's much simpler to use and it works wonderfully. I usually order through and I get it the next day.
Good luck!
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Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!
I feel your pain! I'm twice your age, but I just did something similar w/ red permanant dye (too many dye jobs on weakened, protein needing hair).

First, you need to increase the amount of protein in your products (search this site for a list of proteins comonly found in haircair-usually hydrolized wheat, soy, etc.)

Secondly, start doing a weekly protein treatment. The above poster mentioned some great ones, but seeing as you're 16 and probably on a limited budget, might I suggest the Sally's knock off of the Joico K-pak? It's about $6 and works just as well as the joico. It contains hydrolized keratin protein (the protein found naturally in human hair). So even though it's intense, it's in a sense gentler than other proteins. Meaning that those who might be protein sensitive, but need the occasional shot, can handle Keratin more easily. This will over time repair your curl pattern and stop any breakage from occuring/continuing. You'll probably see some improvement immediately.

Thirdly, follow the protein treatment (PT) w/ a moisturizing treatment (DT). For some, it's b/c the protein can be drying (although your hair in its current state probably won't experience drying), but for you, the bleach has also stripped the moisture from your hair. There are any number of excellent DTs, but again, considering your age & possible budget limitations, one of the best ways is to grab a super thick conditioner that you may have or love and start adding moisturizing ingredients (olive oil, coconut oil, honey, aloe vera) to the mix. One I'd suggest is the Sally's GVP conditioning balm. It's super thick and moisturizing, a fav here on the boards, and my personal HG (holy grail). It's also $6. You don't want any proteins here, just pure moisture. After you rinse out the PT, blot the excess water out of your hair (t-shirt, microfiber towel) and apply the DT in sections. Place a processing cap, or shower cap, or saran wrap over your hair to hold the heat in. You can then blast your head w/ a hair dryer for a few minutes or just leave the DT in for at least an hour, maybe even overnight if you can stand it (here many wrap their hair in a "plop" (again, research that term here on Then rinse, leaving some in as your LI, then style as usual.

Good luck!
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spritz and condish
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