please help me!

I have wavy-to-curly hair and it just doesn't ever want to behave. Most of these blogs tell me to use some leave in conditioner or silicone product, but when I use those to smooth my hair out, I lose all my curl. My hair just looks limp and flat and the waves are really weak (except my roots are curly).
When I don't use any smoothing stuff, my hair curls up great. But, it's frizzy. It's a lose-lose situation and I'm not sure what to do. I'm trying to refrain from using heat because my hair gets damaged easily, but when I wear my hair curly for a while, it seems like my hair breaks even more? Somebody please help me!
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I'm thinking maybe you're not using the exact right products for you. Have you checked out our product review database? You might find some other products that work well for you. For example, silicone causes a lot of frizz for many curlies.
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You are beautiful!
You might also find it helpful to check out the Trying a shampoo free method section of the Hair board here on This is based on the first edition of Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey, which has recently been superseded by a new edition, which is excellent.

In all the years before I heard of it, I'd tried an awful lot of products and approaches to curly hair care, and except for rare times when I found an exceptionally talented hairdresser who knew to ignore the usual rules when cutting my hair, it wasn't fun. So I decided to try CGing, and have been happy with my hair ever since. It even helped me to find people who can cut my hair in a way that brings out the best in it.

Try it! You already know what the standard approaches have to offer you, and you have nothing to lose. (I think it cost me a whopping $4 to try CGing initially.)

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Going silicone and sulfate free and knowing how to balance protein and moisture was what turned things around for me.

Be patient and try some of the suggestions.. do your research and you'll eventually figure out exactly what to do when your hair misbehaves. I think the first secret to beautiful hair is to stop damaging it with harsh chemicals and heat and dry brushing, then to avoid products that build up, then get the fine tuning on the protein and moisture you need. Then to find the perfect styling gel or cream.

There ARE indeed lots of little things to do and lots to learn.. and it will take a bit of time. Just keep the faith and be patient and it will all come around eventually
Good luck!

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