Hi I'm Jessica, and after several years of following I finally registered on this site. That's right, several years. I think this is a great site, with many great curlies contributing!

I've always worn my 3b hair natural; only occasionally have I straightened it with an iron - maybe 4 times in my life. I admit living in the U.S. with curly hair takes it's toll - like another member posted on here, people looking for models usually stipulate "no curly hair". But I've always been at peace with my hair.

My username means "the tide" (my origins are Italian) and I chose it because I think curly hair reminds me of a sea tide. Always changing, full of texture, and rarely looks the same for long. My hair is like that, but I rarely go against it. You waste energy going against the tide; and you waste energy if you fight your curly hair!

So, I'm happy to meet everyone and hope to be writing more soon!
Hi everyone, im new to this site. Im transitioning right now. Im having a hard time dealing with my two texture (my natural and relaxed hair) .It is to the point i cant comb it through. I think i have a 4a/4b hair. I almost have 2 inch of new growth and its really thick. All i want to do is cut all off my relaxed portion of my hair. But im not ready to do the big chop yet. I need help and really frustrated. Im about to put braids and hopefully it will help with my transition.
I have been natural all of my life. I have 4a/4b hair, which shrinks like crazy! However, only during the last three years, I've worn my hair in its natural state, twists, twist-out, afro, braids, braid-out, bantu knots. I used to always straighten my hair with a blow dryer, pressing comb and curling iron. It took a lot of time. I feel so liberated ...

My name is Tasha and I am biracial (Black/Pacific Islander) and I have naturally curly hair. I am a 3B with some 3C mixed in. I have always worn my hair natural, but I have neglected my hair in regards to using harsh ingredients and dyes. I on occasion will flat iron it, but that's very far and few between. I have been on the road to restoring my hair back to its healthy state for the last year and a half.

I look forward to gaining and sharing advise with my fellow curlies
Hi I'm a newbie. Been looking around and basically learning so far. I like the site and even attempted at a blog. )

I am trying to get used to my hair. I am transitioning and had some of my hair fall out in the back ( so I am thinking about BC...but a little pessimistic about it. As I am job hunting. But maybe this will be the road to a new me! Who knows??
I am going through the same thing--it is hard. I think I am getting the gutts to BC!?! I have had a section in the back come out because of the difference in hair texture. My hair is SUPER thick and the thought of having to work with it all natural is scarry...lol but if others can maybe I can too...let me know how your's turns out...
Hello Everyone I'm Yinka!!

Just decided to kiss the chemicals Good-bye & I'm excited!! And now the journey begins . . .
Dec. 20, 2009 Started Transitioning and Growing Out

Last Relaxer: November 20, 2009
Goal Length: Bra strap length when dry
Just Going with the Naturale flow . . .
hey all, i am a college student in NYC who has finally discovered the beauty of my natural curls this summer. after years of grief and frustration and total despise of my hair i did some research online and discovered the benefits of natural products for my hair. so, earlier this year i switched from using treseme poo & condish to Burt Bees poo & condish. i had my last relaxer(touchup) & trim in may.

However, Being so fed up with constant stress of heating n processing my hair,in the hot summer i finally embraced my curls and wore my hair out in its curly state, something i thougth i could never do. Now that i have overcome that obstacle i am seeking desperate help. this summer was honestly the first time myhair felt relatively healthy in years and i was relatively happy with it .now my mission is to achieve healthy happy manageable hair while natural or relaxed indefinitely.

unfortunatley as of late my hair has reverted to its horribly unhealthy state. I am at a lost on where to begin. Right now my hair is extremely dry and i seem to have alot of dandruff, and i havent established a hair care routine.

Please help i am desperate , i am so tempted to just relax my stress away but i know it really wont help. All ive been doin is wearing protective styles, but daily applying heat to my bangs. plz help my hair is experiencing a drought! what must i do to quench its thirst!?

i believe my hair is 3c/4a, very pourous and thick( i have a lot of hair). i have so many questions!!

i kno i must achieve balance blw protien and moisture but i think im lackin alot of moisture

so what is a good overall regimen to obtain that balance ?
Im trying to use only natural or relatively natural products on my hair, so any suggestions for daily moisturizer? should i have more then one shampoo/conditioner/moisturizer? how often should i dc?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

TIA , and sorry for such a long post
I am new also and have been a CG no poo for over a year. Occasionally I have to shampoo but not often. The date on my bottle of shampoo is marked 12/26/08 so that pretty much tells it all about shampoo and me. I am 62 years old and wear my hair in a short inverted bob. It was shoulder length about two years ago while I was still coloring it. It has grown in gray with highlights occasionally. The longer hair dragged my face down and I feel much younger with the shorter hair. I am not sure what type hair I have... maybe 3a? If someone can tell from the picture I'd love to know. Thanks
Hello, I am currently transitioning. I had my last relaxer in april. I don't know what the hairdresser did but she took my hair out in the back and broke all my edges off. So I decided to go to a different hairdresser. I had seen this hairdressers page on facebook and I thought she did good work. When I got there she asked me what interested me in going natural. I didn't realize that was her speciality. I decided why not. My hair was shedding like crazy, I had just finished breastfeedding and my hormones were totally out of wack so we decided not to put a mild relaxer in my hair. My hair looked great at first but I couldn't afford the every two week visits so I got a lot of breakage. I tried keeping it braid but I got tired of that. I tried twists using kinky kurly and I got tired of that. Now I have a sew in and I am so tired of it. I have made my appointment for the big chop on January 14th. I'm really not ready to cut my hair off but I am frustrated with it. I know that my hair does not define me but I am nervous about having my hair cut so short. I have googled everything I can about short natural hair styles and I think I am ready. Any words of wisdom?
hi guys! Im a new curly head for the group, a college student/dancer, I have learned to love my hair (plus I stand out during an audition) I have finally found a refuge, you guys are like family now! lol,
love, Carol
Hello! I'm Amy and I just now signed up. I used to straighten my hair all throughout high school and decided not to deal with the fuss anymore after high school. I've been curly for 5 years now and I just need a network connection for curly hair!

Hello, I'm bardoville, British-Carib gal living in Scandinavia...

Did a big chop 3 years ago and skinned all my hair off. Thankfully, it has now grown back...

I've always considered myself a 4b and even started a Youtube channel about my 4b hair...

But not so long ago I commented on youtube about the coils in my head and someone said, 'If you can see coils then it's not 4b'...

Almost mortally wounded I dragged myself into a sitting position in front of my laptop and began googling 4b hair...

That's how I ended up here! I found this site and I loved it and now I've joined

ps I wonder why can't I see my profile pic?
Hi everyone! Nice to see so many curly girls around. I have tried for years to find out information on my hair. I just ordered my Curly Girl Handbook and have gone off all mainstream products and living the No poo life. Glad I am here.
im brook and im totally lost
i have no idea how to deal with my hair and im sixteen! so far i've let my 3a hair grow long and i need advice for my haircute on tuesday how can naturallycurly.com help me?
hey everyone!
im new to this website but my names Alyssa and im cape verdean. my hair is kind of weird and i kinda didnt know which hair type to pick because my roots are curly but towards the ends some are curly and others are straight...and i kinda hate it . my hair also gets really dry expecially at the ends. so idk i need help lol on some products to use. and my hair is short right now because i cut it but im lettin it grow back long.
Hey people! My name is Kalimba. I'm 18 years old and I just joined this site today. I'm not sure but I think I have 3c hair. I am currently in my transitioning stage, and have been since Dec 2009. I do my Big Chop on May 29 2010. I swear I can't wait! After that I don't know what I'm going to do with my hair.
Hey people! My name is Kalimba. I'm 18 years old and I just joined this site today. I'm not sure but I think I have 3c hair. I am currently in my transitioning stage, and have been since Dec 2009. I do my Big Chop on May 29 2010. I swear I can't wait! After that I don't know what I'm going to do with my hair.
Originally Posted by KalimbaJakenjuwha
I have been natural for a year now and I am pretty satisfied with my hair and the produces I use. I just would like more hairstyle with it. Any suggestions?
Hey!! I am new to this site too! I have 3c curls and I am a teenager so I am still experimenting with different products and haven't found one that really works well with the massive ammount of curls on my head : ( I almost never wear my hair down because i can never get it to look right. I think it would be really pretty if there wasn't so much of it, but I can't really change that.

Anyways, If I wanted to post a question about what to do with my hair, am I doing that right now or do I post somwhere else???
Hi I am Leci.
I am in the process of transitioning to natural hair.
4a&b hair .
I am happy to have found this site.

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