Hello all. I just wanted to say that I am on my first week following the CG method and I have seen so much improvement in my hair. My curls are better defined, frizziness is low. I LOVE IT. I used to straighten my hair EVERY WEEK and I don't miss it one bit. I still can't figure out what to do with my short bangs so I just pin them back.. I have to play with it a little over the weekend and see what I can do to make my hair look a little different. (Bangs pulled back only looks cute for a little while..)

I was also wondering if anyone could recommend a good Conditioner that i can get at the grocery store. I will eventually order one of the "good good" ones from online but temporarily, is there anything good I can use? I currently use the Herbal Essense Hydration one. (blue bottle) It works ok. I see residue around my scalp and i'm not sure if that is caused by the CO.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

So glad to find this site. Need help since I've decided to go natural. I am wanting more info on the NO Poo wash and wondering if how I can buy the no poo wash.
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Hey! I just got an account! My hair is 3A! Wassup y'all?
Hi I just became a member just yesterday. I'm from the boogie down Bronx and I believe my hair is a 3A. My hair is always very free-z and I just started the no-poo routine but I'm not sure which products will work well with my type of hair can some1 make any suggestions because I'm really confuse with all the products people mention here. Thank you in advance ;-D

This is my hair this morning after coming back from outside (it was really humid & raining) as you can see is really free-z and with no shape. Hopefully the no-poo care will help me.
I just wanted to say thank you for existing - it's amazing to have a forum where people understand curly hair & it's, well, personality Without the site I never would have understood that my all natural, sulfate-free organic hair products were being weighed down by lots of -cones, etc. It was a hair epiphany & since cleansing those cones out & going cg my hair has been so happy. I was hoping I'd turn my 2c/3a hair into beautiful 3a spirals, but that hasn't happened & I'm definitely a wavy.
Reading the posts helped me accept the unpredictability & frustration that comes with not really curly not really straight but definitely frizzy hair. Thank you!
So I have finally decided to join this great forum after lurking and learning for a few months now. I found this site after desperately looking for help after a particularly dry summer in CO, bad haircut and highlights! Because of this forum I have used henna to condition and cover the highlights so I could grow them out. I have gone no-poo for the most part, use ACV rinses. I even got the deva-fuser for my birthday! I also got a gc for curlmart, which is great but I have no idea what to spend it on. My hair is a combination 3a/b/c, jaw length, growing out, annoying straightish hair around my ears, very thick and very dry. I've been cowashing with Suave and have been experimenting with different organic conditioners. What I would like to get from curlmart is a good leave-in conditioner and styling cream. I liked LOOB but I can't find it any more. I'm almost out of my giovani leave-in direct, which has been ok but not great. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi new to the curly girl site, but not to curls. I've been curly since I turned 10 - 45 years ago, and can honestly say I've done everything that can be done to tame, change, plump, define, flatten, hide, enhance or eliminate my curls. Now I'm happy and excited to try the curly girl process. It makes so much sense.
Hi Im Krystelle and live in England, but have Mauritian blood running through me. I have 2c hair and got this since cutting my hair short when I was 9. I have mid length hair but am giving up on my waves or shall I say frizz so I am going to get it cut just above the shoulders and hopefully my curls will get more defined from this.
Hello Ladies! I am new here but I've heard so many great things about this site so I decided to join. I am 6 months into my transition from relaxed hair to curly and I am so excited! I am planning on chopping off my relaxed ends when I can at least but it into a pony tail. I am still learning so if anyone has any suggestions, I am willing to listen! I look forward to the curly discussions!!
**Transitioning curly!
**3c babe!
**Always looking to learn!

**My fotki:http://public.fotki.com/ljkelly/

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i am soooooooo happy i have found this website!!!! i have always battled my hair up intill lately....... so i have like, just exepted that i am a curly girl, and i am PROUD!!!!! i have a mixture of 3a and 3b, and i could swear that sometimes i think it is alive! but i love it all the same
how do you do a signature?im sorry, im new a cluless
i wouldnt cut it that short petitek, i did when i was 10, 2 years ago and it was soooo puffy!!!!!!i would wear it up all the time! bad experince......but it depends on what type of hair you have, i have a mixture of 3a and 3b

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I found this website after googling "why has my hair got less curly?" I'm really pleased to hear it might just be the way I'm caring for it! I figured it probably wasn't hormonal, because my mother's hair is still curly.
So I guess I've got a bit of reading and learning to do!
Hi, I have never join a chat or post site before, so I hope until I learn the ropes, everyone will bear with me.

I found this site while I searched for information about Liquid Keratin. Ya'll give lots of great info, have fun reads and entertainment. So I joined. My User name of Big & frizzy is cuz my friends will comment on my "big hair" and the frizzy? well, it is.

I am a post menopausal 46 yr old woman - I mention this because up until menopause I had very curly, at times very frizzy hair. My hair was the bane of my existence, took alot of time to style, much to the frustration to me, friends and boyfriends. Ya'll know how it is, an hour to style and the you go outside, BAM style ruined. Ridiculous by gone methods of straightening; ironing, Uncurl, rolling my hair in OJ cans and sleeping on those suckers!

Today, be careful what you wish for! After seeking straight hair like the holy grail all my life, I now have weirdly coarse curls around my face, some straight sections in back, shirly temple curls on my neck! It blow drys or flat irons without a lot of trouble (still takes 30+ min to dry).

I live in a N.C. coastal town and winter is my best hair season. I love going out west as my hair has never looked so good as when I there.

I think I'm going to purchase Liquid Keratin tomorrow and give it a shot. I have had several salon straighteners (VERY expensive) but damaged my color treated hair too much.

I look forward to chatting with you!
Hi everyone,
I have been looking around the site for a few weeks and decided to join. In the past I would normally get my hair relaxed every 2 1/2 to 3 months. I have entertained the idea of growing my relaxer out numerous times in the past but could not find a beautician who would do my while I grew it out. I have never been good at doing my hair myself so I always changed my mind. After finding this website and reading the articles I have decided I can do it on my own. My last relaxer was October 2009, and I have done well so far. Wish me luck as I try to get my regimen down and learn to work with my new grow.
Hi to All--
I've been reading from time to time and posted a few times looking for a stylist, though I'm still not sure entirely how to use this thing. Anyway, I've been using deva products only for about 3-4 months now and recently have had a problem with dandruff/dry scalp. I saw the post about this and read the included article. I think I determined I have dry scalp and most definitely product build up. Out of desparation I bout Head and Shoulders last week (I know), but don't want to continue on that path. I'm quickly running out of my conditioner and think I want to switch. What are the suggestions out there? I need a thick, rich conditioner. And maybe for everyday wear a good leave-in or something like that.
I like the way my hair is after the whole 'deva' routine, but quite honestly I don't need my hair to look like that everyday. (I'm a nurse and it's always up.) I only 'do' the routine to go out. So on a day-to-day basis I just need something to hold a curl and not frizz.
Speaking of, I don't know my curl type either. Yes, I've read the book. I have super-thick, crazy, curly hair. When it's 'done' (by the deva method) it's mostly ringlets except on the top (because it's always up and that part pull most and is a little straighter). When it's not 'done' it's just a big frizzy puffball.
Also, where do I find the list of abbreviations? Know I saw it somewhere and now can't!
Sorry to babble... Someone show me the way!!
Thanks in advance...
Hey-- Where are you exactly? I live in the burbs too. I bet we're not far from each other. I just posted about being new and need lots of help. I went to Blume Salon (Salon Blume?) a few months ago. It's on 309 by Montgomery Mall. I also went to Theresa at Mademoiselle Salon (vice versa?) when I first found out about this whole curly girl thing. Def a better style there but also much more $$$$. Blume is def way more in your budget (I was shocked at how little I spent comparatively). Let me know what you decide, neighbor!
I have been lurking around, reading for a while & found this site very informative & interesting, especially today when I found the over 40's topic in the forum. I am 48, with alburn hair, I am thinking right now a 3B with some 3C at my neck area.

When I was younger, I have chemically straightened, ironed, dried on OJ cans, slept in BIG purple curlers, set under a dome style dryer for 3 hours in BIG curlers & I hated every second of it. I think I was the only person in school with curly hair, as it was always the talk of the school.

Currently I have not yet ried the no poo method, but I am starting to read the products, ingredients etc & might make a trip to Sephora tomorrow to try to find some correct products. I am one of the guilty one's who feels I have to wash my hair every single morning, use conditioner & style from completely wet. I normally towel dry, wide tooth comb for tangles, use a light Vavoom glaze, turn my head upside down & barely dry the crown so it doesn't "flop", turn head back right side up, smooth the neck area back down long in the back, spray on a little Infusium 23 & away I go. Doesn't look to bad till about noon, then it starts getting the frizzies pretty bad. Maybe for once in my life I can find the answers here.

Not used a straightner in 20 years now, as curly is just much easier than all that time & money wasted when this is the way God intended for me to be.

Hugs for everyone from Missouri,
I have been to this website quite a few times and I decided to join. I always learn so much from these forums, and now I can post my questions as well!

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