Hi! I'm Amanda. I think I am a 2C! I have thick,course hair. I love my hair, but I have issues finding stylist who know how to work curly hair! Everyone wants to cut it as straight hair or straighten it and then cut it and it makes me mad! No one knows products for curly hair either and I have given up on getting my hair done in this area! I found the Catwalk Curl Rock products on a clearance rack at a Master Cuts in the mall and fell in love with the product, but was wanting to try something different just for a variety! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!!!
Hi everyone,

I am so grateful to have found this site. I've been trying to find advice on what to do with my hair which turned to (what I imagine is) 3a hair from practically poker straight over the course of last year. I have heard about hair changing texture radically in puberty, but I'm in my mid-thirties!!! And I'm totally stumped as to what to do with it. This is just a "hi, I'm new to this whole thing" type post, but I will have tons of questions, especially since I live in a part of Europe where good (and non-harmful) products are practically impossible to find.
hi everyone!
i just discovered the site within the last couple of days and can't get enough of it. i'd say i'm a 3b/3c mix who got my hair from my dad. my poor mother had no clue what she was doing when she brushed mine and my sister's hair out as children. i've felt so alone all these years as a cg; i really wish i'd had this site in junior high when i was going through the majority of my anxiety. anyway it's great to have this wonderful tool and network now. thanks!
A few years ago, I had the perfect combo of hair treatment products. My curls were defined, shiny, and soft. Unfortunately, two of the items I used in my regimen were discontinued, and I have been on a scavanger hunt ever since. My curls are dryer and my hair tangles more easily...It is frustrating. I am hoping that I can find that killer combo again through this site.
So so glad I found you all here! Got curly hair, more or less 3b, and I love my curls. It has taken a long time to like but nevertheless I do. Looking forward tolearning more about natural products. Found you by becoming a fan on Facebook. So sick of people with straight hair telling me how to do my hair. see you in the forums!
hi everyone!
i just discovered the site within the last couple of days and can't get enough of it. i'd say i'm a 3b/3c mix who got my hair from my dad. my poor mother had no clue what she was doing when she brushed mine and my sister's hair out as children. i've felt so alone all these years as a cg; i really wish i'd had this site in junior high when i was going through the majority of my anxiety. anyway it's great to have this wonderful tool and network now. thanks!
Originally Posted by smarsh
My mother was the same! Agh, the terrible hair styles I had to endure under her care!! I feel you!
Welcome curlies (and wavies) to nc.com :P
Originally Posted by goldy
Hi, I'm new here. I went started transitioning to in 2006. (only did it b/c I realized I couldn't figure out how to deal w/my daughters hair) I found my self saying some not so kind things about her hair, so I figured let me learn how to deal w/it. I don't want her growing up hateing her hair. Okay, well I think I am a 3C w/a mix a 4a. Wish me luck w/this. I am getting myself geared up to do the big chop this summer (take off at least 3 inches).
Hey hey hey. i love it here!

but still lost on some things

but i will eventually get the hang of things!
Hi everyone...

New to this whole idea of curly and not nappy hair. I used to think only white girls had curly hair and I was destined to be nappy and negative.

I am finishing up taking out my locs of 7 years and looking forward to embracing my new head of healthy 3c-4a curls. I'm retraining myself that my hair is to be "taken care of" not "dealt with".

I'm excited to learn more from all of you!

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Hey Everyone I love this site and decided to finally subscribe, lol. I tried the no poo method the first time and failed (I missed a step) and am currently trying it again. Fingers crossed, hoping that it works.
Hi There I'm new to the site. I have been straitening my hair ever since I can remember. I wore it curly the other day and my husband loved it. It is very hard to know how to style it when I have been straightening for so long hopefully I can get some tips. My hair is fine and wavy, maybe 2a or 2b not sure I posted a picture but the problem I have is a wire e look when I air dry it and it sticks to may head. I saw the plunking method and i think that might work. I am going to try to do it with products I already have. If you have any suggestions that would be great.

I just found this site and am very excited about learning new techniques to handling my hair. I'm from Ontario, Canada and have fought with my hair for as long as I can remember. I studied the pictures and I think I have 3b hair which is very dry, thick and frizzy. I have used a wide variety of products to try to tame the frizz but majority of them don't seem to work on my hair. I find most sprays or mousse products leave my hair sticky! I unfortunately, can't say I love my curls, they have been a big pain in the neck for me. It tends to be a relief to go to the hair dressers since they seem to define my curls far better than I can do! Anyways, I'm glad I found this site and welcome any advice from other curly heads! At least you girls know the 'joy' of curly hair! ;D

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Hi everyone. I'm a carmel-colored 3B/3A/2A. I've been lurking for a while and just wanted to say that this is an awesome site.
Hi Everyone, and welcome to all other Newbies!
I've been reading posts here for a few weeks now. I went to Devachan and had the "mother ship" experience. I laughed at the idea of it, and then it really happened! I'm now totally thrilled about going CG (starting to use the lingo . . .).
I'm Greek-American and I think I'm somewhere in between 3A and 3B (with REALLY annoying straight pieces underneath!!!). I don't have any pics up yet, but will post them eventually. I'm in New York City, and I'm a jazz musician. I moved here a year ago, and it's safe to say that the humidity here is SERIOUS!
Well, I grew up in a place where not only was I one of the ONLY curly girls, but I was one of a handful of brunettes. It was . . . character building. . . yeah, that's it!
I have all kinds of questions and, um, like, can't figure out how to start a new thread. Maybe I should just find a related one and reply to it?
I'll just say this: I'm loving my new haircut from Devachan, but this is week 3, and I suddenly have this one strand that can't decide where it belongs. It's frizzy no matter what and it either hangs in my face or is a big piece of fuzz on top. I think the mistake is in my clipping routine. Watched Shellynot's video and it made sense to me, but I can't get the "loops" right, so I've reverted to duckbill clips. Could I be using too much OC? HELP!
Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to bonding with my sister curlies!

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HEy yall.
i finally transitioned and bced after 2 years of attempts.
Im a professional college student (meaning i dont intend on quittin as long as the education is free), broke as hell.
I love the support that everyone offers each other about hair issues and etc. My hair is a 4a and 3c on the nape of the neck and side burns and its 4 inches long!
One of the main reasons i bced is cause i got lazy with the flat iron.
Any advice i would highly love and appreciate.

and if your wonderin why the screenname is so long, i got it from my boyfriend. he said my complexion wasnt light nor dark and was between peanutbutter and brownsugar!!!
I have been a member of this site for long enough now so I figured I would at least say hi. My last relaxer was on 1/31/09...so I am 2 months into transitioning. However, I BC'ed the day I got my last relaxer (Even though I did not know I was going to go natural at the time) so I am all natural in the back with relaxed hair at the top and a little on the sides...needless to say, my hair looks a hot mess lol. Anyway, the advice on this forum has been sooo helpful thus far in my journey, so I think I might become a little more involved. I decided to go natural while looking for hair care tips for my curly 3 yr old daughter and came across this site and saw how beautiful natural hair of all types is...I was immediately convinced!! Thanks so much to all the lovely ladies on this site!
Happy to be here.
Never considered myself as having "curly" hair! I am a black girl who grew up hearing terms like, "good" and "bad" hair. And if your hair had any kink to it, it was NOT curly...it was bad! Now I know better!

I am already natural (last relaxer was July 2005), but I have been flat ironing; now I am trying to transition to my natural texture. Any advice would be helpful.
Hi everyone! I decided to quit lurking and finally make myself an account. I've been trying to go CG for the past 2 weeks but keep accidentally dosing myself with cones. Hopefully I will get more label conscious and curl friendly with time here.
hi my name is frances and im from england- this is such a wonderful site!! i haven't had my hair cut for two years because i've been too scared of the hair-dresser messing it up but all the styles and pictures on here have encouraged me to book an appointment yay! so thanks.
Hello everybody! I'm not new to the site, but I am new to the forum, and what I've been finding is that it is exrtremly helpful now that I have officially acknowledged my choice to slowly but surely transition. Thanks in advance to all the great tips that will surely be imparted to me!

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