I'm back to being a curly girl for a couple of years now. The book was instrumental in getting me away from the straighteners! Now I'm challenged by the "haircut" and am afraid to let anyone touch it! Can I cut it myself and have it look great? What are the rest of you curly girls doing?
I've been doing alot of reading here and am impressed with all the knowledge and information so, decided to join. I'm in the upstate/central new york area, with very thick,dry, curly hair. Not sure what type of curl. I've been smoothing it out for years with heat but I would love to go back to my younger years of wash n go.
Looking forward to learning and getting to know the people here.
I'm getting addicted to this site. I started by reading the curly girl book about 1.5 months ago and am loving it. My hair is very poofy 2c/3a with some 2a coming in as I get older. So far, my hair is doing waaay better without sulfates and silicones. And I'm learning how to tame my poof from everyone on this site! I can actually grow my hair out now and see if a full curl pattern will emerge. Thanks to everyone!!
I have been trying to cope with my curly hair for years. I love it the second I exit the shower, but the love affair doesn't last long. I have tried product after product with no success. My dream is to be able to wear my hair down without it turning into a big poof ball, I have 3c that can sometimes do it's own thing. I was surfing the web when I stumbled across this site, and almost fell out of my chair. The forums are filled with so much info I had to join. I can't wait to try some of the things I have learned so far on myself as well as my daughter. Thanks Everyone
Hi. I new to this and I'm also in the middle of transitioning. You won't beleive this, but I'm only 13 years old! I got my first perm when I was 10. I used to have thick 3c/4a type hair, but its really damged now. I'm hoping I'll be able to get lots of support.

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Hi, I am so excited to be part of this online community now. I have am still checking out all that this website has to offer for my curly hair but so far what I see are great things. I am a naturally curly girl but since the age of twelve I have been relaxing my hair straight. I recenlty had an epiphany and decided to chop all my hair off and start fresh with my curly hair. I am finally going to accept my curly hair, I want my daughter whom has beautiful curls to see that curly hair is just as beautifu as any other type of hair. So the best way to show her is by keeping my curls instead of straighting every three to four months. At first I thougt that cutting my hair would make me look masculine and I wasn't going to like it but I have felt so liverated. and styling in the morning before work is so much faster now. I can't wait till I get lenght so that my hair can be long and curly.
Hi! I am Crystal and I am newly natural with 3c/4a hair. I transitioned for 6 months and I did my Big Chop about 3 weeks ago. I got my first relaxer at age 4, so I have never really seen my natural curly texture.
Naturallycurly.com has really been helpful since my BC. The product reviews have been great and I like that they represent all types of curly hair. I am excited to have a place to learn about my new hair and share things that I discover about my curly hair.
For our dear newbies, here's a link you might find useful:


And welcome; we're really so glad to have you!
Originally Posted by Gretchen
Hello, I'm a newbie and I've already checked the FAQ's and I still can't add a signature and I've uploaded my avatar and it's not posting. Am I doing something wrong? When I click edit profile I see my avatar but when I go to view members my avatar isn't visible. Please tell me how to add a signature to my profile and make my avatar visible. Thanks
Hello Curlyheads,
Just came across site searching for curly hair products, & officially addicted.

I am a 3b, and mom to an 11 yr old 3c/4a (she's multi-ethinic). I'm having difficulty with her hair, as it is changing as she is getting older. Biggest dilemma? 2 hour detangling session! Hair is extremely dry, brittle even. Her hair was not always like that, it was soft and kinky- curly until I ruined everything by using the Phytospecific "natural" relaxer on her earlier this year. I wanted to leave a review for that stuff, but don't see it listed on site.

Anyhow, as hair is growing out, it is dryer and damaged than ever before. There are soooo many products out there, I have bought a good amount of online products and still do not see the results we're looking for. We have even been to the Deva salon in NYC. It was a great experience, however expensive maintenance is required. Deva products are OK, and I will invest in good products that REALLY work.

My daughter is already "hating" her hair, and "wishing" she had straight hair, and literally told me that when she gets older she will shave her head! Believe me, in those 2 hr hair sessions, I talk nothing but positive, hair loving things to her while silently cursing in my head! I just want her to love and appreciate her gorgous hair. Her hair right now looks just like the pic of Miss Jessie in the advertisement, minus the moisture and curl definition.

Next move, Miss Jessies salon in Brooklyn.
Hola, New to NC and lovin' the info! I unfortunately received a bad relaxer in August and am thinkin hard about just goin natural so just browsing for the best way to jump in so I stay committed to being au natural. Thanks for posting the good, the bad and the ugly...
hello, how is everybody doing. Im new here. I've started going natural and i have lots of curls coming in, my pattern i found is a 4a. so if anybody can give me any ideas on hair care products and stuff, let me know..
Hi everyone I've been lurking around this site for the past year or so and finally decided to join I'm just not that technologically talented so I hope this comes out okay... I'm not quite sure what type my hair is (wavy/little curly- so maybe 2b/2c/3a-ish )... I would love to have really curly hair like you guys seem to all have!! How exciting for you We all want what we can't have eh? Oh well, that's what going CG is all about, embracing what you've got!! Just wanted to say hi and it's exciting to start this journey with you guys!
I am a newbie.....
I have moved, on well water now instead of city water supply as well as a little more humid and my hair has totally freaked out. I have lurked on this site before and read some of the product review info and made purchases based on those from salon. I do not know where to start ???? oh sorry I am a 3a normally - kinda dry and crunchy - hair feels coated
Hi everyone, my name's Lynnsey and I'm multiracial: I have a little bit of black and native american races in me, but mainly white and latina I have a mixture of hair type 3a-3b curls, but I love the fact that the world finally made a website for the girls with curls!!

It makes me super happy!!
I'm gonna be on this website alot now.

I can't wait to read some reviews on how to keep my shiny, healthy, and bouncy curls to stay that way forever!!
Hello there. I'm Annette and I'm 21 living in Santa Barbara, CA.

I've been reading the threads and have decided to join.

I'm not quite ready to go CG quite yet, but the information is vast and I have so much to learn.

I used to think I just had bad thick hair. I don't know quite when but I realized one day I didn't have bad thick straight hair, I just had wavy hair I was damaging.

That said I come in knowing I'm a 2, with dense dense dense hair but not thick, medium. It's between chin and shoulder length and still recovering from years of daily straightening. It's color treated and probably between high and medium porosity.

It's so nice to finally be able to find other people who have and want curly/wavy hair!

Hello, my name is Sylvia. I am 29 years old and I live in Miami, Florida. I have been contemplating going natural for a couple of years now. I transitioned for a while in 2008 and didn't know what type of styles to where as I transitioned. This time around I decided to stick with it. My last relaxer was May 2009. I have worn the afro kinky twists w/ extensions and now I am wearing the twist w/ extensions. I am going to cut my relaxed ends on December 15 and I can not wait.
Hello everone I am new here. I have natural curly hair, but I don't know how to take care of it. I mean i want to have nice hair. What I want to say is how can I adjust my hair to look nice? It would be great if someone can help me.
And one more things is, what I have mostly saw, majority of people who are member here are female. Men also can have curly hair. How about create a different part for men. or at least some professionals give some advise to us.
Hello everyone... I have natural curl ( 3b) hair.... I have always wanted straight hair and have recently started straightening my hair, but decided to get back to my curls. Now I feel my hair has gone very very dry and full of fizz, which I think is due to excess heat due to straightening....
I use Fredrik Fekkai shea butter shampoo/ conditioner. I always wanted to shift to a curl control shampoo/conditioner..... Can someone suggest any good curl shampoo ?
For our dear newbies, here's a link you might find useful:


And welcome; we're really so glad to have you!
Originally Posted by Gretchen
hey gretchen i really am having a hard time posting. if insitence to introduce myself how do i do it. we on the page is there a box to put my text
Hello! I'm Carla and I just recently started going natural. I used to blow dry once a week every week. But I still need help! I have no idea what products to use! I'm glad to join Naturallycurly.com and I hope I'll get a lot of help and fun here!
Oh and I have 3A and some 3B hair!

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