Introduction and Renewed Motivation

Hi Everyone!

I just discovered this site this morning, and wow, it's amazing! I've been trying to embrace my naturally wavy/curly hair for a long time, but haven't been able to get it quite right yet. Hopefully I'll learn a lot here!

My hair is very fine and falls in the 2a or 2b category (I think). I did the "porous" test and the strand feels smooth, so I think it is not porous. This makes sense because some shampoos/conditioners gunk it up and weigh it down. The hair around my face and neckline is curlier, and the hair on top in the back is straighter It can be very frustrating to get everything to behave the same way.

Has anyone else noticed their hair texture, curliness, and dryness change after moving? I grew up in the central valley, CA and my hair was limp, dry and frizzy all through high school. I had curlier and straighter areas on my head. When I went to college on the east coast, my hair seemed a lot healthier. Sure, it frizzed up in the humidity but in general it wasn't as dry and formed nice defined waves/curls that would last all day with some moose. The straighter/curlier areas also became more uniform.

I've moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley) and my hair has slowly been going back to the way it was in high school It won't curl as easily, the curls dissipate during the day, and is limp with no volume or body. My scalp has become very oily but the rest has become very dry so it's hard to treat both problems at once. All of the hair care changes I've made seem to be ones that are supposed to help- switching to a natural shampoo/conditioner with no sulfates/silicones, not shampooing every day (I know there is a transition but my scalp was a greaseball and the ends poofy frizzy so I stopped), not blow drying or heat styling... I don't know if it's the weather or the water or what!

Well, hopefully that wasn't too long, looking forward to meeting some proudly curly ladies (and gentlemen) and learning lots!
Welcome! We're glad to have you!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Thank you! Wow this site has helped me already! Yesterday I used a tiny amount of conditioner only on the bottom half of my hair and no shampoo. I've learned that I don't need half a palm-full for shoulder length hair!

Today I shampooed my scalp only, and conditioned with a protein-enriched conditioner I found at CVS last night. My hair has looked amazing all day!! Soft defined waves/curls and very reduced amounts of frizz. Next step: buy the CG book and some leave in conditioner!
BC Dec 31, 2008
after 3 month transition
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