Hi! I'm Liz and I want my waves back !

Hi everyone! My name is Liz =)
I'll give some hair background and why I sought out this forum which seems like a godsend.
I'm from Florida, and my hair loved the humidity! I'm a type 2A I believe, I have very fine, silky hair with waves most of my waves in the bottom part of my hair. In FL, my hair had volume and wasn't so flat, I had more waves and it was great! It seemed like no matter what shampoo I used I couldn't go wrong. My hair is also very oily, so I wash and condition everyday.
Now, however, I go to college in Connecticut and it has ruined my hair. For the last two years I've been trying a bunch of different shampoos and trying to use styling products. In FL, I never put any product in my hair and I just let it air-dry and it was perfect. In CT however, if I don't use a cream or something, my hair will lose all it's wave and become flat. My hair is pretty flat now, and I still have waves, but not as many and the volume is gone. In the winter, it gets even worse and I have the most static-y hair ever that's pretty close to straight.
I wish I could have my florida hair back!!!
Does anyone know why this happens? I don't know what shampoo to use or conditioner . . . if this has been asked before and someone has the link/thread that would be great . . . I just feel lost and wish I had my old hair back =(
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It's the humidity, or lack thereof.

Try gel and using a diffuser. The gel I like best is Fuzzy Duck.


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