I'm a new wavy with some questions...?

Hi everybody! I'm new here, my name is Shibby and I think I have 2c hair. I just started CG on Saturday, and I'm kind of disappointed. My hair isn't curling as much as it was pre CG. I know it's only day 3 but my waves look so droopy that I think I'm doing something wrong. I co wash everyday (I just can't get my hair to stay overnight no matter how hard I try) with Suave Ocean Breeze or Juicy Apples conditioner. Then I get out of the shower and use Kinky Curly Knot Today and Detangle with my fingers or a wide tooth comb. Then I just use Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, scrunch, plop with a t shirt for 15 minutes, use Tresemme Heat Tame Spray and diffuse until almost dry. I plan on buying AG: Re coil curl activating cream tomorrow just to help the waves curl up more and get more volume. Am I doing something wrong, or am I expecting a change too early? Sorry for the Legnth, and thanks in advance! (PS my hair is flat and wavy on top and has mega soft ringlets underneath; will upload a photo as soon as I can)
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It sounds to me like you may be trying a type 3 routine for type 2 hair.

Don't follow the same proscribed regime every day. Mix things up with the products you have; leave this or that out one day, and see what results you get. Maybe the KCCC's weighing you down, or the Biosilk. Or maybe even the heat spray (I can't use any of those products, by the way, and I'm a 2b-c).

Haunt the 2 boards and read about what others are doing (it's clear you've done your homework, but perhaps for the wrong type of hair). Pedaheh is very knowledgeable; take a look at her methods.

Good luck, and welcome.
Whoa! Take a breath, girl!

Okay, welcome!

Now, back to your hair. Yes. It is too soon to make a judgement. It takes many people weeks (it took me longer) before they notice a change and/or get their hair in a happy place.
That said, you may find that you cannot cowash. Some wavies (like me), cannot. We lowpoo (sulfate and silicone free shampoo). I lowpoo every other day. I mist with distilled water, add more product if needed and diffuse. Most wavies can never get jump up outta bed and fluff second day hair.
My hair would be a wreck if I had co-washed 3 days in a row. It would be flat and limp. Oh, another thing. A bundle of us use BRHG lightly on top of another gel. Otherwise we get what has been coined on the wavy forum, "Tupperhair".

Head on over to the 2 forum. You will find that you are in good company there!!
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justajesuschick is right.. it took me at least 4 weeks for my hair to get at a good state... you are lucky if it takes sooner .. and yes I also think you might be doing a type 3 hair routine than a 2.

I cant Co wash and I have very thick and coarse hair, I'm 2c as well, so perhaps you need to low poo every few days or however long you think you can handle it..

I hope all this information doesn't put you off, it is a lot to learn but its definitely well worth it and you get to meet great and friendly people along the way that will help you!! Good luck.
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Thank you for replying! Oops... I knew I did something wrong! My hair doesn't usually get weighed down this easily so I guess that's why I thought I could do all this to my hair... And sorry if I seem so impatient, I'm just so excited that there's something out there that may make my hair better. Maybe I should try just one product at a time and decrease the frequency of co washing? My hair doesn't build up easily, so maybe I can just wet it in the shower instead of low pooing a lot... Thank you all for helping me, and yes I will definetly check out the wavy boards!
I just wanted to welcome you to our community, Wavyshibby! We're so glad to have you!
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You are beautiful!

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