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I have been wearing my hair natural for well over 20 years. Before being natural was a journey or self reflection for some, or a freedom run for others it was a choice for me. When I was first natural there were no blogs, sites, or even products that catered to my hair type. I was frustrated and always tempted (more like taunted) to go back to wearing my hair straight.

Today, not only have I learned to love, embrace, celebrate, and care for my naturally curly hair, I have inspired a few "weavers' and "relaxers" to go natural, YAY!!!!

Although I have been natural for much longer than there was a "natural hair community" I am still new to learning the tricks of the trade and finding my staple, can't live w/o products has been an exciting journey.

I'm here looking for styles, tips, and products to try as well as invite all of you to subscribe to my youtube channel. cicelyj707 ... Its not all about hair but it will be informative, funny, and entertaining.

Cicely aka Curly Lox
Welcome Curly Lox! We're glad you've joined us!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Much respect!! Your my inspiration : )
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

Click here to visit - GRO YO FRO!
So cool. I can't wait to check out your vids. I love learning from the Vets. I will be subbing u so wen u see IBQTUBU has subbed you, you will know that's me. Peace Love and 'Frooooo

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