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Hi, I'm new to the site, and I have ALOT of questions. I'll try to restrict my self, but you've all been warned. Here I go. As an itty bitty baby, my hair was straight. When I reached my older baby and toddler years, my hair started to curl, but it still kept its soft and silkiness. When I reached my early childhood years, my hair grew SUPER THICK and tightly coiled. It was strong, not fragile, and very bushy. It grew downwards, and was coarse. At the age of 9, I started to relax my hair. For the first few relaxers, my hair was still wavy. Over the years, my hair has adjusted, and is now stick straight. If I go long enough without straitening my hair, it'll get thick and start to get wavy. I am now thirteen, and I feel a nagging urge to go natural. I was wondering what my natural hair type would be considered before my relaxers, and what it would look like now. Can hair types change over time? If so, how drastically? Thanking everyone in advance...
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Welcome, Technicolorgirl! Hair types can change over time. Many things play a factor - hormones and damage can certainly be among them. I don't think there is a way to know what your hair type would be at this point. With proper care, it would likely go back to being super thick and tightly coiled as it was before you began to straighten it. Adolescent hormones kicking in may change that somewhat.

You'll find lots of help and info here if you are wanting to go natural. Good luck to you!
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