How can I tell if my hair NEEDS protein or if it's protein sensitive?!

HELPPPP ! I have a mix of 3c/4a & i'm transitioning. (Thats how my hair was when i was little)
I'm slowly becoming a PJ, lol.
but before i can order stuff, i can't figure out whether my hair needs protein or if it's sensitive?
- thanks!
Have you had issues with protein? Being a mix of 3c/4a only describes your curl pattern. It's also important to know your hair properties. You may want to do a search on texture and porosity. This link will give you a start:
This is also very helpful: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
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Hi Cadence! Following up the links Mhen mentioned, this blog entry also deals with texture /porosity, and has pics to illustrate different hair textures. I found this post, by redcelticcurly (with pics) helpful as well. No amount of reading substitutes for knowing what's going on with your own hair, but it sure does help while you're trying to figure it out.

Also, if you want an exact answer on your hair properties, you could get a hair analysis, which will tell you exactly what your texture, porosity, and elasticity are.
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