View Poll Results: What is your solution to excessive heat damage?
cut it all off and start over 1 50.00%
keep straightening your hair 0 0%
find a style and grow it out 0 0%
get a perm on the straight ends 1 50.00%
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My Hair Story

Hi every one my name is carmen. let me give u a little insight into who I am before I unload my craziness. I am a 20 year old stylist living in Atlanta, GA. I am originally form Dominican Republic, the unofficial straight capital of the world. If anyone has been to a Dominican Salon you guys already know what we do. We promise bone straight hair without chemicals. As you guys would guess everyone on the stinking island wears their hair straight. Wether its relaxed, blow dried straight or just naturally straight. I grew up in my dad's side of the family where everyone already had naturally straight hair. Of course they had no clue what to do with me, so instead of letting me walk around looking like cousin IT they decided i should get a relaxer, which led my shoulder length hair down to my back. Now that i think of it i think it was a texturizer because it would frizz up like nobody's business. Any ways I grew up believing that any type of curly hair was ugly. I didn't even mind when my baby sister cut half my hair off and i had to get it cut very short to even it out. In my head it was short but at least it was straight not like the ugly baby poof on top of her head. After that i went through a phase of about 2 years of super relaxer. which made my hair look super flimsy and thin. At this point i was entering my akward years and giving up all hopes that i was pretty or could be considered as cute. Specially when the subject regarded to my hair. So then i moved to U.S. t o live with my mother who is a very talented stylist, but all she knew and knows to this day is about straight hair. She did help me rebuild and grow my hair and with that my self steem. I saw myself at 17 with waist long hair that was too straight, and that i was toO short for (I'm 5') and i had no idea what to do with it because i never had to do my own hair so I didn't know how to do anything else to it that wasn't wrapping it or putting it in a ponytail. With my new found self steem I thought i needed something to make me stand out, long jet black hair was not it. After i decided to cut it into a bob I took upon a learning journey. How to shampoo, blow dry and flat Iron my hair. Then I started suffering from Hair ADD, which is the best and the worst thing that happened to me. It inspired me to start a career in hair care and go to beauty school, but it also influenced me to abuse my hair to look different and try new things. I kept cutting to get different styles and bleaching to get the black out. I ended up with a pixi cut. On November of 2010, as i stepped out the gym shower i noticed that most of the hair on the sides and back of my hair was curly and soft and full and only the very tips of the top of my head were relaxed. I thought "I got to get to school in 20 minutes...It's gonna take me 45 minutes to straighten my hair... only 10 to cut it all off" and thats how i began my natural hair journey and came to love my curly hair. the only downside to it its that it doesn't allow me to be too flexible with straightening and I've caused hella heat damage. should i do a permanent wave on my ends to get some curl back, I'll commit to not straightening. help help help!!!!!!
Welcome! We're glad to have you!

I wouldn't put any more chemicals on your hair. Let it heal.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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