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Hi I just recently joined and am looking for any advice! My hair type is 2a/2b my hair is wavy and thin but also hard to straighten or curl at times. I am thinking about starting to co-wash but I am nervous since my hair is thin. I am worried about my hair looking greasy. I recently purchased some products from curlmart and am super excited to start embracing my waves instead of straightening my hair almost every day. Like I said...any advice for my hair type is welcomed! Glad to be learning so much . Also what is this CG method you all are talking about? Thanks!
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Hi Mimee03,

The CG method is the one advocated by Lorraine Massey, in her book Curly Girl. In it she discusses the best methods for managing, and even loving, curly hair.

However, you shouldn't feel like you have to follow her advice to the letter. For example, I'm also a 2, and I need to shampoo, because my hair, like yours, is fine, and gets weighed down easily. Also, my wave/curl pattern is such that I almost never get second day hair.

Read the type 2 boards (pedaheh and IAGirl are very helpful), and experiment. Don't be too hard on yourself; what doesn't work today can always be changed tomorrow.

Welcome, and happy to have you with us.
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Welcome, Mimee03! We're so glad you've joined us. You'll learn so much here!
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You are beautiful!

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