New CG: Help! Will my curls calm down?

Hi everyone!

I'm new to Naturally Curly and just decided to try to embrace my naturally curly hair after straightening it for years. I'm so glad to have found a community of people with hair I can relate to!

Anyway, I went CG a few days ago, and am just now trying to figure out what my curls/ curl pattern are like. I know it's too soon to expect results, but I have a question for you experienced curlies:

I've noticed my hair is weird. Some of it is nicely curly with spirals and such and other parts of my hair are half straight and just bend and stick out awkwardly. There's some kind of wave/ curl there but it's not at all uniform. Is this normal? After more time CG-ing will my hair have a more nice, uniform curly pattern? Could I be not styling it enough (I co-wash, use another conditioner, leave-in, and scrunch with gel before plopping)?

Any advice would be great!! Thanks so much, I'm sorry for rambling.
Hi Meg and welcome!

I know what you mean about having different curl patterns. I think there are many of us curlies who have more than type of curl on our heads (me included.) Before I started CG, the underneath layer of my hair was not as curly as the canopy, and I was really conscious about this as no matter what I did, it was barely a wave. However, since going CG, and I'm over a year into it now, the underneath has curled up much better and blends in with the rest of my hair now, so hang on in there and hopefully things will improve.

Best wishes.
UK Curly
Curl type : Boticelli, 3a, loose curls
Porosity : High
Texture : Fine/medium (I think!)
Co-wash/rinse out/leave in : L'oreal Full Restore 5, GFR&S, Schwarzkopf Bio Pomegranite
Gels : Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly
Finish product : Boots Naked Style Frizz Fighter Serum or a pea-sized blob of condish smoothed over canopy
CG since Feb 2011
Welcome, Meg! We're glad you've joined us!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Thanks so much! I've not ready to give up on my girls yet so hopefully they get better

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