I am a newbie looking to learn about which products are best to encourage my wavy/curly hair to look its best. Grew up with very curly corkscrews, then straightened and damaged hair for years, then cut all my hair off in a short pixie cut. Now I am growing my hair out and interested in CG method. My hair seems to be quite different from when I wore it curly as a teenager. The products and techniques I used then seem to be weighing down the curl. So I am looking to learn a lot from this excellent website. Thank you for this wonderful curl community!
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Check out the 2 boards, and look for both IAGirl and Pedaheh; they're type 2 experts.
Hi becky5477! I wanted to welcome you. I'm new too and this is such a wonderful place for hair advice, everything really. Good luck on your hair journey!

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Thank you JRock and Ninja Dog. This website is awesome but a little overwhleming!
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ITA! So much information. If you start in the newbies forum, the sticky threads at the top are awesome! It's a lot of reading. Each of the sticky threads have links to other threads about methods, how to, products, etc. Also, check out LiveCurlyLiveFree.com. It has information regarding texture, porosity, elasticity and density. Those are the four hair properties you'll need to understand before picking products for your hair. I'm a 3a curl pattern but have fine hair. My hair may not like the same products as a 3a pattern with course hair.

It is super overwhelming at first, but your hair will love you for it!

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Welcome, Becky.

You're right; there's a ton of information here but with a little time, you can sort though it all!

And we're here to help!
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You are beautiful!

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