Hello everyone,
My name is Quae, I'm 22 and I did the big chop around Nov., and I've been studying my hair ever since

I am a 3c/4a mixed and still having a very hard time keeping moisture in my hair and promote shine as well, because my hair just loves loves loves products; won't even give it a chance to set in

Usually I really don't find videos and people w/ mixed textured hair like mine and if I do their hair is short and I'm looking for people who had a certain amount of years who have managed to keep it under control.

Hopefully I will make friends and talk to people who could give me tips on my lovely, crazy, insane natural hair

Love, Peace and Hair Gease
Welcome, Quae (great name)! We're so glad you've joined our community and we look forward to getting to know you!
NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

You are beautiful!
Hey !.welcome

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My hair is different, it's 3a & 3 b, so I do understand the varying texture concept in 1 head. I try not to let it be challenging, but embrace fact that I need to find balance when it comes to adjusting products for best results. Have fun experimenting & finding new friends
Welcome! You're in for a journey.
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