What now?

Okay, I've done some reading (not everything yet but I've read quite a bit) and I *think* I've determined the following about my hair..

2c/3a? ; m ;iii (barely..like 10.5cm); normal porosity; normal-high elasticity

So what do I do now? How do I go about looking for the best products for me?

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Normally, I would suggest checking people's signatures- many list their hair properties and favorite products. But I just saw that you sent this from the app, which doesn't allow you to see signatures. There is a forum for normal porosity (but I don't think it gets a lot of traffic). You could try posting in the 2s or the 3a forums (I recommend the 2s forum because it's much more active). Most newbies who first post for product recommendations don't list their hair properties, so you're already a step ahead.

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Thanks! I can view it from safari, too, so I'll look at signatures that way.
You can search products here, too, in our product review database.
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You are beautiful!

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