I am new here

I am new here. I am naturally curly with very long hair.
I am 56 years old.

Been CO for 10 years now. Just recently I went back to using cones in my conditioner just wanted to try something new didn't realize that it had cones and its been nothing but tangles lately. Have to go back to no cones. Now I need something to help take the tangles out. Its been so bad I have been thinking of cutting it off, but don't really want to.
So pretty, suzykue!

We're so glad you've joined us.
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You are beautiful!
A good conditioner with lots of slip can help with your tangles. I have seen "Say Yes to Cucumbers" mentioned often as having good slip.

I also wanted to tell you, quite some time ago my son had an "episode". He had car problems and tied his hair back in a ponytail and worked on his car for 3 days without doing anything to/for his hair. He came to me with a "club" made up of his hair extending from the rubber band he had tied it back with and asked if I could save his hair. I took a hair pin and starting at the end of this mess, I picked out one hair at a time with the hair pin. It took a few hours, but most of his hair was saved. So, I'm sure you can save yours with a bit of patience and work. It's so beautiful, I really hope you don't decide cutting is the answer to your problem.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
Kinky curly knot today has excellent slip. It always gets my tangles out and my hair is pretty long not quite as long as your but almost there.
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