help? technical issue

I just posted my first post but saw it showed it as my second - with a join date of 2007.

The system has me confused with someone else - as I joined about a year ago.

How can I disable my account/change my username?

(also, not sure where I should have posted this...)


To change your username, be sure you're logged in, then look up at the top left of the page. You should see "WELCOME, your username" with a dropdown arrow directly to the right. Click the arrow and choose "EDIT YOUR ACCOUNT". Then you can pick a new username (amongst other changes). Be sure to click the Update Profile button at the bottom before leaving the page, or your change will not save.

As for the wrong join date, post a thread in the Feedback forum. Gretchen can take care of it for you, or pass the info. on to someone who can fix it.
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Hi Perri,

I responded your other post; if you'll shoot me an email, we'll get you fixed up! And welcome!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Hi Gretchen. I would like to delete a post but don't know how. I posted on the wrong forum. Its terrible being ignored cause one posted in the wrong forum. Oh well, I'll just need to be more careful next time I guess.

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I have to shower in order to wake up properly in the mornings
Hi Calber,

You can't delete a post, but you may simply repost in the correct forum.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
Okay. Thank you!😊

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I have to shower in order to wake up properly in the mornings

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