♥Questions from a clueless curly♥

Hey fellow curlies/kinkies/wavies!

I have a few questions. I apologize in advance in case it's been asked already, but my first question is regarding an appropriate hair dryer for my hair. I'm about a 3B, my hair's extremely long, and I'm used to air drying since I've only tried diffusing a few times. Do any of you have any opinions on which brand of hair dryer works best for you? Even better-- I've been thinking about rollabout hair dryers... whether or not they have diffusers, if they'd be more convenient than handheld ones, etc. I'd appreciate the input!

My second question is specifically targeted to curlies in New York City-- Do any of you guys know where I can get a trim for an affordable price? I see so many amazing curly salons that I'd love to visit but I'm on a really, really tight budget. If any of you can throw any recommendations my way, that'd be great!

Thanks so much!
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My hair isn't nearly as long as yours. I try to airdry as much as possible but will diffuse if I'm in a hurry. I've tried a number of different diffusers. I've not noticed much difference in brands as much the type/style. When my hair was shorter, I preferred a pancake style diffuser. I also liked the hooded dryers on a low setting. Now that my hair is longer, there are some "must haves." I must have a hand held blow dryer with variable heat settings so that I can adjust the heat. I also love a bowl style diffuser attachment so I can "pixie curl." It gives me nice volume and definition. It's so much a matter of personal preference!
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I diffuse using the pixie curl method. My hair dryer is like 10 years old, but it's a Hot Tools brand dryer. It has a nice bowl diffuser attachment and a low heat setting. Works great.

Ha! Looks like they still make it: Products
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Hi lanipsey. We're glad you've joined our curly world.

You might want to post your questions over on one of the hair boards; you'll get lots of love there!
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You are beautiful!
Hey I know you asked for dryer suggestions but I don't know of any specific brands. Since your hair is so long you could try doing a plop and sitting under a hooded dryer. It'll give you great curl definitionn annd cut down drying time.

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