Regret Ever Using a Relaxer!

I kept my hair natural for a year and then caved in and bought a relaxer. I feel like that was the dumbest decision I've ever made. So now my hair is relaxed and I miss my curls. My hair type is normally a 3C. I am not putting in another relaxer in my hair ever again!!! I'm so serious. Last time I just did the BC but I didn't feel like myself without any I'm going to do the transitioning thing. I was thinking about doing weaves until my hair grows out enough for me to cut off the relaxed hair. Any suggestions on hair products, protective styles, etc??
I would just say stay away from heat, and for me when I transition to natural hair three years ago, I wore half of wigs most of the time and you know I would wear my real hair from time to time also. As far as products I would use natural organic hair products while transitioning to being natural. Anyways I hope this help!
Welcome, lariena.tina!

No worries about the relaxer... you can grow it out. There's lots of great info on the site to help you!
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You are beautiful!

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